Two spaces just opened up for Page’s 2022

Springtime Adventure in Tuscany

in partnership with Strada Toscana
at their beautiful Villa Poggio alle Trese

May 1-7, 2022

Spring: The Season of Renaissance

Spring is a time of rebirth, when the waters are flowing, and the plants are alive with the promise of summer. Spring is also a time when the underground waters of our creativity yearn to bubble forth after a long winter. An iconic landscape such as Tuscany, steeped in artistic and literary culture, is the perfect place to bring forth creative expression.

During this seven-day retreat, we’ll immerse ourselves in the literal and figurative flow of new life, soothing our bodies in the ancient thermal waters of Tuscany where the Italian renaissance was born.

Although this is not a writing workshop, our creative sessions at the Villa Poggio will center around narrative expression (inspired by a few of Italy’s Renaissance writers), with time for quiet journaling, peaceful walks, soothing swims, and delicious meals.

Excursions into the Tuscan countryside will round out our springtime adventure. We’ll explore the medieval streets of quaint villages, and the ancient streets of an old Etruscan city. We’ll visit a rose-windowed cathedral perched on a volcanic bluff and visit an artisan skilled in the ancient craft of paper making.

Back at the Villa, we’ll walk through olive groves and learn the fireside art of bruschetta-making. We’ll savor Italian coffee and learn the sweet art of baking crostatas. This is just a sampling of our adventures!


Tuscany Primavera will be the perfect place to
experience your own personal renaissance.

Let the underground waters of your creativity bubble forth after a long winter.

In the words of the famous Italian poet Danté, “Here begins a new life.”

The Details, at a glance

Further details for Page’s renaissance retreat are found on Strada Toscana’s retreat site:
Tuscany Primavera: Springtime in Italy

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