“I wanted you to know how much I loved your beautiful book, In Search of Kinship. Strangely, it helped me appreciate my father more, who was born 100 years too late. He was a Jeremiah Johnson, at odds with the world, an avid hunter who built a beautiful mountain home in the middle of the Gore Mountain range. I loved your stories of the animals. I’ve always looked for a book like James Herriot’s, and your stories were beautiful in that way, and also so spiritual. Thank you.”  – Linda, Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminars, 2024

 “Leaving Colorado after the mountain retreat with gratitude and an overflowing heart of abundance. New friends, amazing food, and excellent coaching from one of the best. Thank you. The accommodations and beauty all around were nothing short of magical and inspiring.”  – Lila, South Dakota, Romancing the Story, 2024

 “Thanks so much, Page, and for a wonderful and inspiring Saturday. Thanks to everyone else for inspirational work and ever-supportive feedback and contributions!”  – Jackie, Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminars, 2024

 “I could feel the sense of joy and wonder in my own writing as I reacted to spending time riding through the Wyoming mountains and meadows. Thank you again for hosting such a life-changing week of fellowship and exploration of our creative selves. My roommate and I have stayed in touch and plan a get-together this year.”  – Micki, Tennessee, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2023

 “I’ve been raving to everyone about the Berkshires retreat—not that you need more people lining up to take your next one—but you are a marvel! I can’t thank you enough.”  – Donna, New York, Berkshires Autumn Writing Retreat, 2023

 “Thank you so much for an amazing five days in the Berkshires. The opportunity to be around other creative souls was so inspiring.”  – Jackie, Massachusetts, Berkshires Autumn Writing Retreat, 2023

 “One of the poems you gave us during the river trip was David Whyte’s “What to Remember When Waking.”  A few days ago, I was sitting in front of my journal, wordless, and thought it would help to read some poetry.  I went to my shelf and found a book I have no memory of ever seeing before: House of Belonging.  I sat down, read it, and fell in love with it. Did you magically put it there on my bookshelf? Once again, thank you for the amazing work you do!”  – Sharmon, California, River Writing Journeys for Women, 2023

 “I am just finally getting back to feeling my feet on land after the river trip. As you said, it was difficult to adjust to the electric vibrations of New York City after coming from that deep earth canyon vibrations. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful gift of guiding me through the river both literally and through the river of inspiration. I enjoyed every minute of it. And what a pleasure to get to know all of these incredible women artists on the journey. It wouldn’t have been possible except for the generous scholarship donor. I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to share this special experience and our time on the river. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You inspire me. Xoxo, Andrea.”  – Andrea, New York, River Writing Journeys for Women, 2023

 “Thank you, Page. I loved the seminar and your facilitation style!”  – Linda, Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminars, 2023

 “My daughter and I both got so much from the weekend. You did a masterful job and the group was diverse and interesting. I feel so fortunate!” –  Jean, Colorado, Romancing the Story Retreat, 2023

 “I cannot thank you enough for the seminar. I haven’t been able to stop raving to my husband about how present, attentive and thoughtful you are, not just with me and my writing, but with everyone at the seminar. Forgetting about writing for a minute, I love your way of being. Thank you for that inspiration!”  – JH, Illinois, Romancing the Story, 2023

“Thank you so much for everything! I haven’t stopped thinking about the river. The trip has changed me in so many lasting ways.” Maria, Colorado, Telling Our Stories 2022

 “Just a quick note to thank you for yesterday. I loved it! Really made me realize how much value there is in getting some coaching from someone who really knows what they’re doing and in spending time “workshopping” ideas with other writers.  I felt so happy and inspired last night. I wrote all evening. Such a great day, thanks again. I am very interested in doing some coaching with you in the fall.” Jackie Q, Mount Vernon Seminar, June 2022.

 “Hi dear beautiful Page – I was going to write to tell you how inspired and touched I always am when I receive your newsletters. Joining a journey has not been right as yet for me, but each sounds amazing. The spirit and setting and intentions and the craft of your language is real and moving and inviting.” Judith A, Colorado, editing client, 2022 

“Oh Page, I’m always fascinated by the workshops you set up, but this one is the topper! “Does Place Matter” – OMG, does place matter. It’s why any of us ever took up a pen and tried to put words to paper in the first place.  You are doing such an amazing job with your workshops! Only jealous because I can’t ever seem to find the time or energy to register and come to one of them. Just wanted to applaud you for your work.” Echo K, Wyoming, author, 2022 

“Dan just said tonight –those two trips were the best ones he’s ever gone on and he is so in love with Blackjack– he talks about him all the time. I bought two saddles, three cowboy hats and four cowboy boots ornaments for our Christmas tree. We can’t thank you enough for the experience and the introductions to some now lifelong friends.” Dan and Ginger, Santa Fe & Taos Sojourn, Lit & Land of the Horse, 2022

“Yes, thanks to Page for leading the way and to each one of you for touching my heart! I am inspired!” ~  Janie P, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar, 2021

“Page, thank you much for such a fun and meaningful workshop, and to everyone here for your support and talented insight. It was such a pleasure to meet and learn from you all! I’m inspired to keep going and create real, ‘shareable’ material … maybe we’ll meet again at another of Page’s seminars? Best wishes for a safe and joyful season.” ~Sarah, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar 2021

“Thank you for a great creative experience. I believe I made tremendous progress… I know I will never go back to being the writer I used to be. I may be a better writer, and I know I am a better person for having travelled to Colorado, thanks to you.” ~DB, Georgia, Mount Vernon Seminar 2021

“I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing weekend it was for me. You all gave me such inspiration! Thank you, Page for facilitating such a collaborative and creative experience.”~ Esther, Colorado Mount Vernon Seminar 2021

“Thank you, Page. Your gentle insights always get me moving in the right direction. The talent and generosity the rest of you shared inspired and awed me. I certainly hope our writerly paths cross soon and often. Thanks, Page for the workshop. Can’t wait for more.” ~Gayle N, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar 2021

“Page, Thank you again for sharing your time and perspectives with us! The one-on-one time you were able to give Drew, Isaiah, and Zeltzin was invaluable. They are three students I have faith will continue to write into the future. You were a perfect writer-in-residence, and I hope we can have you speak again once Covid has passed (fingers crossed).” ~Matthew Woodman, English Department, CSU Bakersfield, California, 2021

“This was one of my favorite retreats ever!” ~Pam S., Colorado, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2021

“Page and John, the trip was AWESOME! I just hope I can hold on to the Zen as things ramp up now that we are back home. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate.” ~Bob G., Maryland, Santa Fe & Taos Autumn Sojourn 2021

“We all wanted to thank you again for making our event a success last night. It was a real pleasure to host you and to hear your written words spoken. Your beautiful and graceful writing took us all to places we had never been before. Thank you.” ~Dean Curt Asher, CSU/Bakersfield, California, 2021

“This has changed her life forever. I can’t thank you enough, dear Page. If you ever have any doubt about the importance of what you do, remember Agnet.” ~Anonymous Retreat Donor, New York, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2021

“I can’t express the gratitude to both of you for the amazing week at the Vee Bar. It was wonderful to get back in touch with my inner cowgirl through the horse riding, creative sharing, time in nature, country dancing, open conversations, time on the ranch, learning from the wranglers and spending time with incredible people. Thank you for letting us know there are no wrong answers, it is ok to be vulnerable and that horses are such amazing animals. (Almost human). I feel so blessed to have had this experience.” ~Shari, Colorado, Lit & Land of the Horse 2021

“Yesterday was both encouraging and humbling to read what other aspiring (and accomplished authors) have written. Thank you for putting these seminars together and working so hard to make them meaningful. They are terrific.” ~Jean M., Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar, 2021

“I HAVE studied with so many writers over 40+ years and you are, most definitely, THE BEST. You have a gift of going right to the heart of whatever writing is in front of you, and your feedback is ALWAYS positive and always helpful, and presented in a very non-threatening way. I’m in awe.” ~Paula H., Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar, 2021

“The theme of last weekend’s workshop hooked me. I have been working on fine-tuning emotional connection into my work. Suffice to say, whenever writers or any creatives commune, we pull from the event precisely the experience, energy, understanding we were sent to gather. I deeply appreciate you.” ~Dianne, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar 2021

“Oh, Page. This writing of yours struck such a deep chord in my soul. Beautiful and touching and transcendent. Thank you.” ~Margie, All Things Literary/All Things Natural reader; 2021, “On the Green River, In the Steam of Another Lifetime”

“The imagery. The innocence of youth intertwined with the wisdom of years as you look back at that vivid memory. Ah. This choked me up. Beautifully written. I’m sorry for the passing of your loved ones, Page.” ~All Things Literary/All Things Natural reader, 2021, “On the Green River, In the Steam of Another Lifetime”

“Yes, it was a special day, as any day with Page is. Also my first in-person get-together with fellow writers in a year, and that made me ecstatic.” Paula H., Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminar 2021

“Not only are you a true and rare gift to the writing world – you’re a gift to the world period. Your writing is always so exquisite – you and Terry Tempest Williams are the two writers I most aspire to emulate. Thanks again for keeping yourself affordable and spreading your insights into Denver’s writing world.” ~Paula H., MVCC Seminar, 2021

“I woke this morning eager to get to my writing desk, playing in my still uninhibited mind with new ideas for expressing emotion as movement. Thanks to Page to illuminating this process with her characteristically insightful presentation and feedback. It’s always inspiring, also, to be among those eager to be inspired as well.” ~Maggie H., MVCC Seminar, 2021

“Sometimes things you write set my heart beating Yes…Yes…Yes. In rhythm. like an ancient drum made of wood & hides. A deep Soul Drum calling the energies of the Universe to council. “Reclamation” is such a piece. I felt stretching, traveling millenniums in all directions. Thank you for saying it so beautifully.”  ~ Heloise Jones, Santa Fe, 2020

“I so enjoyed attending the writing seminar on Sunday. Hearing you speak of Mother Nature in writings, hearts, observations left me in awe of your wisdom. Thank you for the reassurance that our stories have meaning and value.”  ~ Kath, Mount Vernon seminar, 2020

“Thank you so much for the inspiring workshop last Sunday. The day was all and more of what I needed and wanted. I appreciate your perception and suggestions for my writing.”  ~ Virginia, Wyoming, Mount Vernon seminar, 2020

“Tears almost full my eyes as I wander through the photos of this landscape, remembering every detail of this wondrous adventure. This was the best trip I have ever taken, filled with spectacular beauty, smells and friends for a lifetime.”  ~ Ginger Klock, Santa Fe & Taos Sojourn, 2019

“Thank you for a wonderful class. It was everything I was hoping to get out of this program and more. Each week I learned a plethora of new information and I feel much more confident in my ability to get published than I have before. This class is extremely beneficial to any writer, and I wish there were more classes like this to take. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, critique and praise all we have done. This class is one that will stick with me forever.”  ~ Kelli Wosick, student, Professional Research for Creative Writers, University College, University of Denver

“You are an extraordinary teacher and wise woman who knows and honors human connections. You are keeping the tapestry whole.”  ~ Sammye, Platinum Retreat, Colorado

 “I’ve been on Page’s whitewater rafting trip in Utah, climbed mountains in Peru, and ridden a horse near the Snowy mountains in Wyoming. I have experienced some of the best adventures of my life as well as met some lifelong friends. If you’re looking for a great vacation I would highly recommend. She also does a very special trip to New Mexico.” ~ Donna Fleetwood

“We were on the first annual Santa Fe and Taos Sojourn and it was the greatest experience. Page and John have incredible contacts which made it a once in a lifetime experience. From museums to Mable Luhan Dodge Solarium, it was the most incredible experience.”~ Dan and Ginger, Santa Fe & Taos Sojourn, 2019

“I was on their inaugural Santa Fe & Taos trip last year and it was AMAZING! The thoughtful itinerary with interesting opportunities woven through it paired with Page and John’s wisdom, playfulness and graciousness made this trip meaningful, memorable and magical!! Anyone considering it, stop thinking about it and SIGN UP!!! You can thank me when you get back.”~ Kathie Nitz, Santa Fe & Taos, 2019

“Oh, what a wonderful read. In Search of Kinship was the most enjoyable book I’ve read in a long time. It was wonderful to reconnect with the land and the farm life that I grew up with. Ranching and farming are hard work and very similar in a lot of ways. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.”

“I am always inspired to do more after our talks. I am so grateful I have you to coach and guide me through this process. Thanks.”~ K., Writing client, 2019

“The Sojourn was one of the most important trips I’ve taken in my life… I was very much on a spiritual journey. Thank you.” ~ DK, Santa Fe & Taos Autumn Sojourn 2019

“I LOVED yesterday’s workshop. It was one of my favorites. I felt inspired and energized, and I got some really good insights, as usual. You truly are the most awesome writing teacher I’ve ever studied with, and trust me, I’ve studied with a LOT of them. And I heard everyone in the room yesterday say the same thing, at some point during the day. I’m honored to have had so many chances to take your workshops.” ~ Paula Hagar, MVCC seminar 2019

“Page, thank you so much for Saturday’s seminar and also for sending your epic prose poem, ‘Whisper of the Land.’ You touch so many lives in a myriad of ways. Thanks for your generous spirit, artistic voice, and good, good heart.” ~ Janie Pettibone, MVCC seminar, 2019

“I finished my Master’s in Professional Dramatic Writing from UCOL this winter, and again, I want to thank you for helping me grow to become a better organized, more deeply searching writer. I am so grateful for that. I finished reading In Search of Kinship and I can’t think of a more perfect or more timely read. I needed that beautiful book this weekend, so thank you. You inspire me as a person, as a mother, and as a writer.” ~ Laura Hamlet, University of Denver, University College,
The Writing Life student, 2019

“The horse retreat was life-changing, and I’ve never said that before! I have such a deep appreciation for your kindness, skill in leading us, and beauty. Thank you, dear friend, for the best week in many years. Love, Cynthia.” ~ Cynthia Schoen, Lit & Land of the Horse, 2019

“Everything about the day — your leadership, the workshop, the author review, attendees and lunch – all were wonderful!” ~ Kate Wegrzyn, Colorado, MVCC seminar, 2019

“Thank you for the experience of a lifetime! Take good care of yourself and your gifts until our paths cross again! Forever a fan, Denise” ~ Denise Wood, Wyoming, River Writing & Sculpting Journey, 2019

“I have been reading your memoir. In Search of Kinship. I love the book. I love the connections it brings with place and time … it brings a much-needed calm to the end of my hectic days. Thanks for such a wonderful gift.” ~ KJ, Colorado, 2019

“Saturday’s workshop was tremendously helpful, bound together by enthusiastic writers and excellent guidance from you. We all went home with work to be done, but that’s the whole purpose.” ~ Don Graves, Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminar, 2018

“Two of my best river memories are sitting alone in a grove of cottonwoods making my clay leaves and listening to the quiet river sounds and seeing and touching the sand woman Roxanne shaped on the river bank. She radiated strength and power. Thank you again. As always.” Kaye Roll, California, River Writing & Sculpting Journey, 2018

“I cannot express enough how grateful I am for your teaching abilities. I came away from this program with inspiration and information I doubt I could have received elsewhere. Thank you.” ~ Laurel Becker, Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminar, 2018

“Please accept my heartfelt thanks, Page, for welcoming me into the group to share this day. My mind is racing with ideas—such a pleasure! I cannot wait to read all your stories.”Roxie Herman Harrington, Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminars, 2018

“I attended a Lit Fest last month. All the craft seminars I took were nonfiction with different focuses and were, with a couple exceptions, quite wonderful. I wanted to tell you that after attending the Lit Fest (and it was truly a great thing for me), I appreciate your workshops, handouts, critiques and support, even more! None of the instructors held a candle to you and none came close to having the knowledge and wisdom you have … your generosity, the setting at Mount Vernon, the fabulous lunch, well, you are quite the deal!”  ~ Paula Hager, Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminars, 2018

“I want to thank all of you for making this such a great experience. I especially want to thank Page and Sheri, the masters at writing and riding and all retreatery things.”Pam Beason, Washington, Lit & Land of the Horse 2013 and 2018

“Thank you all so much for receiving me into this group of ‘bad ass women’ and serving as inspiration and example for me to turn off my fear button! Page and Sheri, you are the most generous, supportive and nurturing group leaders. I always felt welcome and safe and prepared for every new challenge. I loved Sheri’s talks about horses and energy and Page’s sharing of her writing about the West. We are indeed the lucky ones! I have sent my deposit for next year and hope that life allows for all of us to meet again at the Vee Bar Ranch a year from now.” ~ Marsha Pincus, New Mexico, Lit & Land of the Horse, 2018

“I can’t tell you how wonderful the whole experience at the Vee Bar ranch was—just amazing. Life changing.”Marsha Pincus, New Mexico. Lit & Land of the Horse, 2018

“Here’s the test: When you leave the theater humming a tune or two from a good score or having shared a full day with folks who share a common interest, the drive home is easy. Mine was delightful yesterday and you made it so. Many thanks, Page.”  ~ Harmon Graves, Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminar, 2018

“Thank you so much for a great workshop. It was exactly what I needed to feel tapped back in. I told my husband that I had the best writing experience that I’ve had in four years. I will fly up next time!”Heloise, New Mexico, Mount Vernon Writing Seminar, 2018

“I had a brilliant time! And thank you for the follow-up! Would love to keep in touch with everyone!”Randi, Colorado, Mount Vernon Luncheon Seminar 2018

“I have learned so much in working with you. Your ability as a teacher never ceases to amaze me. And I don’t say that lightly. I’ve had the good fortune to work with many master teachers over the years.”Kathleen Cain, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminars

“Sue and Lynnette had a life-changing experience on the river with Page. If they are any measure, there are about 18 more women who have the same feeling. Come cocktail hour, they regale me with tales of the trip. We have a neighbor and her sister who want to do the trip next time—they seem quite excited. Once again, Page, you have touched our lives!”Larry, husband of River Writing & Sculpting guest, 2017

“Lynne and I agreed that the river trip was the greatest and most memorable experience either one of us had ever had in our lives! It will be in our hearts forever and we are so happy that you came into our lives and it came about. Your planning and Roxanne’s too, made the trip special, not to mention all the neat women and the fabulous guides. We all came together as a community to ensure a lasting memory. Thank you, Page!”Sue White, South Dakota, River Writing & Sculpting 2017

“I am very grateful for this canyon retreat as it became much more than a river trip for me. I have been searching for a way to return to the land since I was 17 and left the Yampa Valley. Now, thanks to you, I have found a place to feed the primeval need to literally hold ancient dirt and mud and clay in the bowl of my hands, to see how the basic elements of earth, water, and fire come together during creation, to see stars after the moon goes down at night and watch the canyon walls by day.”Kaye Roll, California, River Writing & Sculpting 2017

“Page, it was absolutely incredible! I will never forget it. It was such a pleasure meeting you and Roxanne…an honor. My husband loves hearing all the stories, I tend to go on and on. I can’t wait until next June’s horse retreat!”Sue McCaskill, Missouri, River Writing & Sculpting 2017

“Stay in the canyon as long as you can. I can only acknowledge the debt I owe to Sheri Griffith and her River Expeditions for making it possible for me and both my children, repeatedly over the years, to make the journey we sisters made together last week where we experienced the healing power of nature. And thanks to Page for creating a retreat that encourages us … to consider our bonds with the natural world, and to Roxanne for showing us how, once again, to play in the mud. Be courageous, River Sisters, and tell the world what we found there.”Maggie Hudson, Colorado, River Writing & Sculpting, 2017

“The river trip was amazing and the bonding with river sisters seemed even more special. Thank you very much for organizing this trip. I am lining up friends here in Santa Fe for the next one, so please keep me on the list!”Helena, New Mexico, River Writing & Sculpting, 2017

“I have really enjoyed your class, Page. I will miss it and our discussions. The texts, discussions, and feedback have all had great impacts on advancing my writing. I do hope to be writing professionally soon. Or at least get a book or two out of me.”Kirk Jones, Assistant Dean, Arts & Culture, The Writing Life graduate course, 2017

“This an amazing trip. It was one of the most inspirational, spiritual and transcendent experiences of my life. Much love to you Page and have a wonderful journey. If anyone is thinking about going on this trip, please message me. I’d love to tell you about it!”Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus, Pennsylvania, Weaving Words & Women Retreat, Peru, 2015.

“Thanks for all you have done for me–instrumental have you been and are you with your sage advice, knowledge, and steady hand. Looking forward to lots more together. Your Cowboy Disciple.”Reid Rosenthal, Montana, editing client, 2017

“I really enjoyed my first Page workshop! Thank you for creating an inspiring, supportive space to get me, and I suspect all of us, motivated again. I think I wrote more today than I have in weeks/months.”Sally, Colorado, Mount Vernon Luncheon Seminar, 2017

“Thank you so much for your workshop Saturday. I loved it! You are so generous with your life experience and knowledge and research. I am grateful.”Janie Pettibone, Colorado, Mount Vernon Luncheon Seminar, 2017

“Page, the class on Saturday was just what I’d hoped it would be. Your leadership was spot on. It’s difficult to meet so many expectations and you did it. I reworked the two pieces and they are much stronger. The seminar has given me some insights into how to proceed on my book.”BH, Colorado, Mount Vernon Luncheon Seminar, 2017

“I found the river experience so inspiring — THANK YOU, Page and Ellen! — I scribbled like mad the whole time and have all kinds of notes and ideas…”Ruth Thompson, Hawaii, River Odyssey 2016

“I am just beginning to process the experiences we shared. As I start to recount our stories to my family and friends, I am reminded how difficult it is to describe the true essence of a place to someone who has not breathed in that place. I am so very grateful to have shared the breath of Peru with each of you. Many hugs.”Deb Odom, Colorado, Peru, Weaving Words & Women, 2016

“Grand time with a great group of powerful women!”Wendy, Georgia, Peru Weaving Words & Women 2016

“I had two wonderful days in Cusco hitting more museums and churches after the group left. Saw the picture of the Last Supper with the guinea pig on the platter. At another church, the platter held a half sheep and half monkey to symbolize the joining of two cultures. A wonderful trip with a wonderful group of women! One for the books, and I intend to make one. I’ve come home so inspired.”Ruth Edmark, Arizona, Peru Weaving Words & Women 2016

“Waiting for my last leg to Albuquerque. Crazy taxi ride to Lima airport. I am deliciously exhausted! What a trip.! What a great group of traveling companions. Hugs all around.”Christina Chavez Cook, Albuquerque, NM, Peru Weaving Words & Women 2016

“It’s an unforgettable journey- with marvelous experiences and fantastic group of women- who are now valued & dear friends. Lots of love and have a restful weekend dear friends!”Qaisra Shahraz, England, Peru Weaving Words & Women, 2016

“Thanks to all, and especially Brenda and Page for an unforgettable experience.”Lynne Southerland, LA, California,Peru Weaving Words & Women 2016

“All of you made the trip a wonderful life time experience! Love to all!”Kerry Carpenter, Colorado, Peru Weaving Words & Women 2016

“Hola my Amigas! Thank you for being extraordinary woman on our shared Peruvian adventures and discoveries.”Rebecca Pope, Washington, Peru Weaving Words & Women 2016

“Page exceeded expectations … you could have heard a pin drop during her presentation. Evaluations came in way above average.”Sue White, South Dakota, Master Gardeners Annual Conference 2016

“The river trip was so nourishing! Page has such a special way to bring the world and people together in a remarkable way. Thank you, Page. I can’t wait to get back on the river. I miss my camp neighbors.”Pam Munoz Ryan, River Odyssey, 2016.

“I feel enlivened and sparked by all of the connections, the quiet magnificence of the landscape, and the peace of being carried down the river. What an incredible transition into autumn. Feeling deep gratitude for you all.”Tracy, River Odyssey, 2016

“You have a marvelous talent to help women have amazing life-changing experiences by developing confidence, camaraderie, overcoming fears and encouraging them to look inside themselves to see and express the beauty, especially outdoors. I can only imagine your trips as being magical and inspirational. While you have the experience of having done this for years, I can’t imagine how you continue to run everything so well, judging by the comments I’ve read and the interesting women who’ve come along to tell their stories.”Julie G., Mount Vernon, Colorado

“It felt like coming home, to be among writers yesterday, and I wanted to thank you for that, and for your excellent guidance. So much good information and feedback.”Carolyn Miller, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar, 2015

“A big thank you to Page Lambert for another excellent workshop on the personal essay. Page is an amazing teacher. Because she brings so much experience as a writer to the table, she can listen to a work and immediately offer suggestions on what will make it stronger, help put it in context in terms of genre as well as process (e.g. “draft issues” as opposed to structure, content, etc.) and provide a trustworthy barometer of the worth and place of the work. Coming to the table with other writers of different genres and levels of experience has helped me learn so much – I could sit at my desk another week/six months/year/fill in the blank and not be able to gain the insight that our sessions provide in a few hours, in an atmosphere that’s both supportive and constructively critical. If you don’t know Page’s work or workshops, may I recommend her web page, blog, etc.”Kathleen Cain, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar, 2015

“Dearest Page, I can hardly believe the brilliance and grace that brought us together. I have just read to page 25 of In Search of Kinship. The bison, spiraling eddies, wild onions and asparagus, the love of a man who will never live in a city, Bear Butte and Harney…reading your story is like a million pebbles being dropped into the water. Ours is evidently a connection as old as the wind!”Lynne Sprague O’Connor, Montana, Editing Client, 2015

“Your recent blog about the tender return of your loved ones to the earth was moving, graceful in words and inspirational. Your words always come from the heart and intellect. A rare and insightful combination.”Rolland Smith, recipient of 11 Emmy Awards, former news anchor for WCBS-TV and WWOR-TV, New York, 2015

“I simply cannot thank you enough for leading us in the direction we needed to go.   I had great faith in you and Laura when we began our adventure but you far exceeded my expectations.  Thanks and praise pour forth from my mouth whenever someone asks me about our trip.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  ~ Jonna Castle, Colorado, Peru Weaving Words & Women, 2014

“Thank you to everyone for being such wonderful traveling companions.  And to Laura and Page for being such confident and compassionate guides and facilitators of this journey.   This really was a trip of a lifetime.   Maybe even life changing.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures.  Each new picture brings back a precious moment and shared memory.” ~ Marsha Pincus, Pennsylvania, Peru Weaving Words & Women, 2014

“I’ll be looking for your photos and do appreciate the camaraderie we achieved, as we each fulfilled our dreams & visions of our Machu Picchu Adventure.  Special THANKS to our dedicated leaders for their planning, patience & enjoyment throughout the trip. Enjoy the beautiful change of season wherever you may be.”~ Suzanne Williams, Colorado, Peru Weaving Words & Women, 2014

“Thank you for your words about each place with all its inhabitants during the Place as Character panel. The idea of past, present and future is a new concept for me.  Linking ourselves to the land and thinking about what we want to pass on, what we feel compelled to share, was very powerful.” ~ Sherry Johns, Women Writing the West Conference, 2014

“My thanks, Page—it was a warm, inspiring day made so by your wisdom and the thoughtful insights of everyone in the group. Thanks for including me and I second the suggestion for doing something like this again soon.”~ Mark Shaw, Colorado, Mount Vernon one-day seminar, 2014

“Kathleen says it so beautifully.  What a day, full of learning and inspiration.  Page, I learn so much from you, and also every person around the table.  It was a great day, hopefully to be followed by another….”~ Pat Jurgens, Colorado, Mount Vernon seminar, 2014

“Page and all ~ Thanks again for such a rich and invigorating session. My heart is full, to be able to work with all of you. Page, your knowledge and teaching are so helpful… it’s as if you open a door each time you offer ways to consider, reconsider, or strengthen a work … around the table, lives and stories opening, such butterfly wings!” ~ Kathleen Cain, Colorado, Mount Vernon seminar, 2014

“Page conveyed not a specific idea so much as a way of seeing beyond a character’s present situation, or beyond an intriguing detail, into the past that makes it that way. She read passages and told stories, and the flame caught on. One woman was moved to tell us about a house she had built in Greece, going public with this more than she ever had before, and another marveled at the uncanny way the conversation helped her think about her master’s thesis.  Everyone was engaged. Thanks again, Page.”~ Kim Millett, Colorado, President Denver Woman’s Press Club, Sunday Salon, 2014

“I had never thought of my book as a heroine’s journey before the river trip – in my mind it was a survival story. So thank you, Page and Ellen and everyone, for helping me turn that corner – yay for river trips and creative women!” ~ Jackie Tuxill, Vermont, A River of One’s Own, Cataract Canyon, 2014

“I have so enjoyed all of your messages and writings since our trip. All of the messages take me immediately back to the river – to the wonderful experience we shared, and how it magically bonded such a diverse, creative group of women. Thanks to each and every one of you for making the trip such a rich adventure. Thank you, Page, for putting the trip together and inviting Ellen to be your guest!” ~ Jackie Tuxill, Vermont, A River of One’s Own, Cataract Canyon, 2014

“Another post-Vee Bar week is wrapping up.  What a great time that was—it meant more to me than I could’ve ever hoped for.  You have such a gift – both you and Sheri.  I wish I could bottle you both up for those days when I need the quiet, softness and grounding that you help people connect with.” ~ Sarah Ray, North Carolina, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2014

“Thanks for the access to the pictures—they are delightful. I enjoyed seeing some new images, like the bird’s nest and eggs, and hope to get my pics sent your way soon.  I wrote a poem about transitioning back from our wonderful time together, and will send it along soon.”~ Beth, Colorado, Literature & Landscape of Horse, 2014

“I have appreciated your deep listening and wise counsel. You bring a depth of experience and clarity, and remind me over and over to go for the gold in myself, to call out the authenticity, poetry and power of what is in me. So thank you!”~ Judith, Colorado, coaching client 2014

“Thank you so much for the wonderful session today.  I am inspired and excited about the guidance you are giving me.”~ Deborah, Colorado, coaching client 2014

“I so appreciate the clear-eyed way in which you are able to step back and examine each piece, and then provide help with both the craft and the heart of things. Each time you offer some bit of advice or direction, I feel like a door opens somewhere toward better understanding – and ultimately, toward stronger work.”~ Kathleen Cain, Colorado, Mount Vernon seminar, 2014

“Thank you again for a lively, informative writing workshop this past Saturday.  I loved every minute of it!  I would love to schedule a thirty minute phone chat with you to explore how we might work together.” ~ Deborah, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar, 2014

“I could (and would, if available) take a writing workshop with you every month!”~ Paula, Colorado, Mount Vernon seminar, 2014

“I want to say thank you for the fantastic writing workshop. It was so well done and I really took away some things I will remember as I begin to write. You are great at what you do.  Beautiful setting, interesting people, excellent instruction. Thank you.”~ Beth Steinkoenig, Washington, Mount Vernon seminar, 2014

“I think about the Vee Bar and our time there, and hear the sound of the river in front of the beloved #7 cabin, in my mind literally every day, Page. It was one of the most shining, most loved and memorable times of my entire life.”~ Alison Pierce, Colorado, Literature & Landscape
of the Horse Retreat, 2013

“I have wanted to mention for a while now how much I’ve enjoyed your novel Shifting Stars. I grew to love Skye and her heart-warming and heart-wrenching story. I don’t think I’ve ever read (including books by one of my favorite authors, Louise Erdrich) a novel so rich in American Indian culture. I love it!”~ Christie Keele, New Mexico, 2013.

“You have helped me tremendously and I am one lucky person to have you as my editor!”~ Christie Keele, New Mexico, author of Minerva Day, 2013

“What a great time! Thank you for the retreat. Meant more to me than I could’ve ever hoped for. You have such a gift – both you and Sheri. I wish I could bottle you both up for those days when I need the quiet, softness and grounding that you help people connect with.”~ Sarah, North Carolina, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2013.

“I am having difficulty adjusting to the Los Angeles landscape and don’t even want to go out on my balcony after the five Vee Bar mornings propped in bed watching and hearing the Little Laramie flow by while listening to the chatter of the wrens building their nest under the roof of the cabin porch as I wrote my morning pages. The experience fulfilled and even surpassed. Thank you, Page and Sheri. I am so grateful to all of you for sharing and allowing me to share.”~ Kaye Roll, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2013

“While on my run Saturday morning, I listened to the wind and the birds in the trees and imagined the clip clop sound of horses as my feet struck the ground—all in Vee Bar time! Stay in touch all!”~ Kacky, Maryland, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2013

“Something about this group and this retreat touched me deeply. Just telling my husband about it I found myself tearing up. I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures.”~ Susan Paturzo, Colorado, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2013

“I’m back home in NC. Missing the Vee Bar, feeling changed by the experience, and still feeling the peaceful spirit. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, stories and friendship. Each of you touched my life in a special way. Note to self, next year, take more video! Thinking of you all.”~ Sarah, North Caroline, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2013

“I miss the Vee Bar experience every day. I thank you, Sheri, Kari and Brent for providing such a wonderful opportunity.”~ Carol Corwin, New York, Literature & Land of the Horse, 2013

“Dear Page, I’d like to extend a very warm, sincere, enormous THANK YOU for your Write Brain presentation for Pikes Peak Writers this week. It was a fabulous presentation. We’re thrilled with how many people showed up to the session, both in person and online, and we’re sure lots more writers and fans will enjoy the free online recording of the event. You can view the recording at DelveWriting.com. It was lovely getting to know you better, and I thoroughly enjoyed your talk.”~ Christine Mandeville, President, Delve Writing, 2013

“Love, to be fully and adequately expressed, needs to be communicated (and accepted) in various ways, don’t you think? And you captured that so well.”~ Carol Corwin, New York, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2013

“Page, what a wonderful presentation, and just as inspirational and encouraging as I’d hoped it would be. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback since Tuesday. Thank you so much for coming down here.”~ Shannon, Pikes Peak Writers, 2013

“‘More than anything, we are meant to love.’ Yes. What a beautiful story, Page. I love the rhythms of the words, rhythms that echo the rhythms of the moons, the waves, the love-making, life and death and birth and love….”~ Mary Johnson, co-founder AROHO, New Hampshire

“Masterfully written. A beautiful, gripping story Page. I want more! Congrats and thanks for sharing.”~ Sarah Ray, North Carolina

“This trip was a gift to myself…I found heart in each experience because the trip was alive, constantly offering food for the soul, satisfaction for the brain, and warmth to the heart. I felt included, affirmed, and encouraged…”~ Cathy S., Weaving Words and Women, Peru 2012

“Page and Laura were both amazing and inspirational leaders, in very different ways, and I learned a lot just having the opportunity to observe and interact with both of them. They…brought the same joyful and curious energy to the trip that helped everyone really experience an amazing and transformational adventure…I was able to fully immerse myself in the experience and not be distracted by daily details. Plus, the food was excellent!”~ Jan Adam, Weaving Words and Women, Peru 2012

“Page, thank you so much for making the rafting trip possible—and wonderful. I’ve imagined a river trip for years and this exceeded my expectations!”~ Libby, Washington, Cataract Canyon 2012

“What a fantastic workshop that you and Rosie put on. A bonding took place at the workshop; an unexpected one. Workshops, conference sessions, and book talks come and go, but this one was different… You established a connection for all of us that was not only “safe” but trustworthy. Thank you, thank you! I came away with so much and even better—so much that I did not expect. Very well done, all of it. My thanks.”~ Nancy, author Journey On, Colorado, Secrets Seminar 2012

“I look at my photos and remember everything about our river journey, and I cherish lessons learned from all of you. I was in awe of Joyce’s strength and intellect, and her passion for living every moment…what a powerful and beautiful person. I feel very fortunate to have met her. I am reading her Song of the Alpine now. When I look at my photos of Joyce, I can feel the sun, and I can hear her laughter.”~ BJ, Pennsylvania, WestWater River Writing & Sculpting, 2010
(in honor of Joyce Gellhorn)

“The trip to Peru was truly remarkable – I could never have done it without this amazing group of women. Laura has mentioned China – it is another of my dreams to visit the Chinese kiln sites, which have produced remarkably beautiful porcelain for millennia…wouldn’t that be fun? Thanks again for all your hard work.”~ Fran Elliott, 2012 Weaving Words & Women, Arizona

“Dear Page, I want to thank you for all of the handouts and work you did in preparing them for us. They will be a gift that keeps on giving as I find the chance to re-read and further reflect on them. You blessed me in so many ways on the trip, I cannot begin to tell you. Thank you, Grace and Peace.”~ Cathy Stengel, 2012 Peru Weaving Words & Women, New York.

“I’m a huge fan of your amazing depth of spirit that shines so brightly with everything you write. You’re such an inspiration Page, for me to be REALLY TRUE to my own unique spirit and my own unique way – to have NO hesitation whatsoever… really grateful you always trigger that in me, and with merely the feeling of your presence… such a powerful gift you share!!”~ SC, Facebook, 2012

“I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have had those experiences on the river with you and the other women. I have so many wonderful memories and even now, almost 3 years later, I am moved by so many emotions. I think about that trip often and want to go again someday. Looking back at that time in my life, I think about how meek and broken I was and how much I have changed since then. I am a much stronger person and attribute some of that strength to the experiences on that trip. Thank you for your part in that. You were kind and patient and compassionate and I will never ever forget it.”~ Debbie W., Cataract Canyon, 2009

“Thank you for your excellent presentation yesterday at the Feminist Luncheon! You were terrific, and everyone loved what you did/said/read. It was wonderful to get a better idea of your writing and thinking. It is clear that you love words as well as the land…”~ Elinor Miller Greenberg, Ed.D, 2011, Colorado

“Thank you for the time you spent in preparation for the workshop. The outline you created was rich and extensive—an excellent introduction to Butler’s ideas. And what a wonderful group of people! You gave us a lot to chew on. The content of the workshop is applicable to everything I do, both as a writer and as a workshop leader. I love your spunk and your willingness and ability to show emotion in the context of a workshop, and the depth with which you take on everything you do.”~ CY, 2011 The Yearning Factor Workshop, Colorado

“I enjoyed Shifting Stars and cried like a baby when Sunstone died. Several other places, too. Can’t wait to see what you’re working on now. Blessings!”~ Barbara Snow, 2011, Colorado

“What a terrific experience. Thank you so much for all your efforts to make it rich and meaningful!”~ Lucy Allen, 2011 Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, Colorado

“It was a thrill and delight to have you … quite a special day to have the two of you. Such insight, inspiration and wisdom. Thank you.” >~ Heather Nielsen, 2011 Denver Art Museum, Colorado

“I am half-way through In Search of Kinship. I feel your soul and therefore a kinship because of love for the land and your exquisite writing. I am humbled. You are so gifted. Thanks for being who you are.”~ Barbara Snow, 2011, Colorado, 2011

“I attended one of your workshops in Cody in 2008 or 2007 … and it was by far the best workshop I had ever attended … ever … and the thing that has forever been engraved on my mind is a statement that you made wherein you said that ‘writers live life twice.’ I love that, as it targeted exactly where I am in my personal writing.”~ Shelagh Wisdom, editor, Wyo-Writer, Wyoming

“Page, I just want to tell you how much your newsletter and all the things you are doing with your retreats and other business endeavors inspire me. Keep your beautiful energy flowing. You touch the hearts and creativity of more people than you may realize.”~ Rose Muenker, On the Road with David and Rose

“Page, As always your heartfelt teachings, the beautiful intention of yours to guide us to better, deeper writing lives is an amazing and touching gift. Until I come together in a room with people like these incredible women, I don’t realize how much I am, as a writer, also In Search of Kinship. It is so downright satisfying to be with these kindred spirits…. It is your energy, and your intent that draws us. So thank you…I can’t wait to do it again.”~ Karen O’Connell, 2010 Writing Life In Living Color seminar Conifer, Colorado

“Page, fantastic work with your review and suggestions! As always, you are professional and thorough with your insightful comments. I’m very impressed and energized with your suggestions….I thought your session at the American Indian Higher Education Consortium meeting in San Diego was outstanding Miigwech (Thank you) for your assistance!”~ Dan King, President, Red Lake Nation College, 2010 AIHEC writing seminar, Redby, Minnesota

“Page, how I love getting your notes. You are such a lamp and everything you do and write comes so directly from your heart. Thank you for all the love you spread.”~ Deborah O’Connor, artist and astrologer, owner Love Dog Design

“Page you continue to share your talents and inspire in a very positive way! Keep up the terrific and powerful healing work that you give so generously to others! Thanks again for including me in you life and you go girl!”~ Barb Magi, 2005 River Writing Journey guest, British Columbia

“Dear, dear Page, Thank you for the joy of our workshop with you–your exquisite teaching skills, the content and resources of your workshop, its focus, the delightful setting, and the hike and narrative about the splendor of the land. The company you keep–in literature and in workshops–nurtures the writing life. And your own writing is a lovely vista not unlike the one I aspire to create.”~ Carol Sullivan, 2010 Writing Life in Living Color seminar, Colorado

“Page Lambert is our go-to gal for all trips literate in the American west.”~ Janet Rodgers, Solo Lady Travelista

“Thank you – Thank you! Page, it was such a perfectly wonderful workshop. The day and time to be with you, and “the girls” at Mount Vernon was a blessing. I am renewed in my writing aspirations… thanks for all your loving knowledge.”~ Camille Lione, 2010 Writing Life in Living Color seminar,
Basalt, Colorado

“I was deeply touched by your article and mesmerized by your writing. I will be a regular reader of your blog–an uplifting way to balance the morning after reading The New York Times.”~ Joan Savage, Golden

“Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday. It was well organized, covered a lot of important subjects, interesting, and fun. Great bunch of participants and the location was amazing. I am interested in working with you further.”~ Jean Vertefeuille, 2010 Writing Life In Living Color seminar, Colorado

“I loved the Writing Seminar with Page Lambert! She was outstanding. I found her to be passionate and she was very inspiring to me. I truly appreciate that you offered this training for us. Page had a full group of people in her training session. I took advantage of the individual writing seminar offer that you provided and I met with Page one-on-one. I shared my writing project with Page and she gave me some good advice and encouragement.”~ Dan King, President, Red Lake Nation College

“Your two presentations, and our conversation, helped me reconnect with my deeper self, my more authentic self. You, dear one, were the catalyst that split me wide open. I thank you for that. So very much. A couple of weeks later, I attended a talk by Terry Tempest Williams. The two of you just electrified me into action.”~ Jean McBride, Two Old Horses and Me blog


“I just wanted to thank you for the river time. I keep thinking about that honoring of our elders, and how moving it was to see all that love shared. What a treat to have all that time on the river and under the stars. It’s been great to go back to the writing you shared, and to re-read all the inspiring quotes. I’m attaching a poem I wrote from river time.”~ Annie, 2010 Westwater, New Mexico

“Thank you so very, very much for having introduced us to The River and Roxanne and Rose … it was truly a life-changing experience.”~ Fran Elliott, Westwater 2008, Sedona, Arizona

“Page, thank YOU for another truly magnificent journey! I cannot thank you enough for making the river trip so memorable and simply for the opportunity to participate in something so amazing.”~ Stefanie Goebel, 2010 River Writing & Sculpting Journey, Mount Shasta, California

“Roxanne has had an amazing impact on my life. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her and spend time with her and Rose on the raft trip. It was indeed, a time I hold dear to my heart. Thanks for making in all possible. Page.”~ Sue Habakuk, 2008 River Writing & Sculpting Journey, New Mexico

“I can still remember and feel the bliss of floating along the river and being embraced by the canyon walls. It was a trip of a lifetime.”~ Carol Noones, 2009 River Writing & Sculpting Journey, New Mexico

“I just returned from a wonderful vacation in Boston. One of the highlights of my trip was reading your book, In Search of Kinship. I found your descriptions of the western landscape to be downright stunning, as well as poetic. They stirred all of my senses and captured the texture of Wyoming life in fresh ways. Most of all, I found your writing to be inspiring and a great reminder as to why I set my novel in the magnificent Big Horns.”~ Pamela Kenney Basey, Denver, Colorado

“I’ve come to respect Page’s expertise and insight. As one of the most joyful and creative people I know, Page has quickly become a trusted member of my circle of wise women. I can always count on her when I need to spill light across shadow. Page is as much a leader as she is a guide, always listening with compassion and perspective–not hasty judgment, always working toward solutions and options, always shining with fresh perspectives and valuable ideas. I look forward to learning more from her and with her in the years to come!”~ Alexa Johnson, Denver, Senior Copywriter, Integro Insurance Brokers, Denver, Colorado

“Page Lambert is that rare writer who teaches not only through the quality of her prose, but just as importantly, through her ability to kindle (and ultimately, to render far more accessible), the inherent creativity of her students. I highly recommend her.”– Gary Ferguson, Montana author and teacher

“I would highly recommend you talk with Page Lambert — she’s an award winning author and writing coach. She is not only delightful, but she really knows her stuff. If you’re serious about getting published, you must, I repeat, must talk with Page.”– ZJ Czupor, InterPro Group, Colorado

“The time I spent at the horse retreat last year was very important. At that time, reconnecting with horses, finding my saddle seat again, and being with people who share my passion for compassionate companionship with animals was my primary focus and fed my soul deeply. I look forward to continuing building those relationships and riding skills this year, and to putting more of my energy into the writing aspect. Thanks for all you do, Page.”~ Linda Sperber, Colorado

“Any workshop or retreat with Page is an amazing experience. Her river trips and retreats are life-changing, combining much laughter and perhaps a few tears as you plumb your depths to write things you never thought you could. She brings out the best in you, and teaches you not only how-to, but can-do. I highly recommend anything that has Page as teacher.”– Phyllis Dugan, past president of Wyoming Writers

“Page is a pleasure to work with. She’s genuinely interested in helping her clients achieve their goals. The adventure trips she creates that combine writing with landscape and outdoor experiences are affordable, relaxing, and memorable. I have no hesitation recommending her and her services.”– Lisa Jackson, New Hampshire

“Page Lambert’s river writing trips provide a unique opportunity to examine, evaluate and energize both your work and life. Her love of western landscapes and respect for everyone attempting to understand, describe and preserve them are contagious. The adventures she shepherds spread insights and inspiration faster than tamarisk can invade a riverbank, and they’re fun.”~ Sureva Towler, Colorado

“I think Page and Sheri are FABULOUS! I so enjoyed all aspects of the Vee Bar Ranch and the Landscape of the Horse, that I’ve had a very difficult time getting back into my routine – that’s a good thing and very telling. I learned a lot about myself during that week through interaction with Page and Sheri, the group and the horses. It’s been a lifetime since I’ve spent quality time with one horse and in such heavenly surroundings that I must do it again and very soon!”~ PJ Campbell, New York, Life Tips Guru

“Page was highly recommended to me by a lady I met in Estes Park. I am so glad to have hired Page. She is an expert in this field! I will continue to use her services. Page is reasonable on cost and will let you know up front about her services and her charges. Without Page I would have been lost and could have been taken advantage of by someone else. I just want thank her and so will you. I am in the process of trying to get my book published and she will see me through the whole process. I also would to like to add that Page will make sure you clearly understand the information given to you by her. Page will also let you know what to do next, step by step. If you hire Page you will not be disappointed. You will be disappointed if you don’t hire Page. She is someone you can trust with your work!”~ Carmen Swick, Aurora, Colorado

“Page’s Literature and Landscape of the Horse retreat was transformative, the Wyoming landscape impossibly green from melting snow and spring rains. I vanquished old ghosts and conquered old fears. I rode when I was younger but was always too intimidated to become attuned to the horses. They were large, unpredictable and dangerous creatures, a complete mystery. At this retreat, I found myself on Lucky, a horse used to being in the lead. He moved rhythmically under the saddle, strong and sure-footed. I could have ridden Lucky forever. I learned more about horses during this week than in all the years I rode English, and learned a lot about myself too. I left with 22 new friends as well as a new perspective on writing, horses and my life.”~ Susan Paturzo, NM

“I have returned with renewed vigor, earnest dedication to my writing and a genuine respect for womanhood. You and Sheri created a warm, comfortable and safe environment – one step at a time – for all of us to enjoy. I felt totally pampered by the river guides and “heard” by you. Thank you for a sensational time. This is on my list to do again next year, only for a longer trip. I hope you continue to heal, grow, and share with us your journey through the written and soft-spoken word.”~ Shari Nova, Colorado

“I wanted to share with you that I have been reading In Search of Kinship as I have sat hours with my mother. How introspective and how parallels intersect giving me pause for thought and giving me much impetus to write my own story. Thanks for that. And thanks for the most wonderful journey of my life.”~ Pat Branch, British Columbia

“I came to these trips like every woman who attends–packing with me a tent, camping gear, writing supplies and some of the baggage I’ve picked up along my life’s journey as a woman. The river works her magic with all of these things. She gives us the wilderness experience to fortify and empower us, the writing experience to learn how words can flow out of us like water, and the ancient healing power of Mother River, nourishing us in her womb, feeding us with her blood, and reconnecting us with our own primordial womanhood.”~ Diane Wolverton, Wyoming

“The weeks since our magical time together have flown by, and alas, I find myself slipping unwillingly back into worldly ways (I think we were on another plane for a week…). But, one thing can’t change and that’s the fact that I was touched by each very every one of you in ways that go unexplained. It’s really hard to tell people who ask ‘how was your river vacation?’ about the reverence and grace that one can fine in a life jacket, a sarong, a tent…and sandy sleeping bags. It all adds up to be greater than the sum of the parts. Sumless.”~ Andi Donaghy, Iowa

“To go on a retreat with Page is to be forever changed. In the company of women, who start out as strangers, we gradually discover each other and ourselves. Sitting by the river to write — in the quiet of the canyon, surrounded by rocks, some three billion years old — time slows down, allowing us to reach centers inside from which meanings come and connection. By the end of the trip, we call each other river sisters. But it’s not just a phrase. We can see it in our faces and hear it in our voices and laughter that tumbles and cascades like the river: how profoundly we have been affected — and joined — by the experience we were privileged to share.”~ Camille Kurtz, Washington, DC

“The smell of the Vee Bar Ranch has still not evaporated. It still seems to emanate from every pore. I continue to sense the odor of the barn, the river, and most of all, Rocky. Rocky, my horse for the week, was strong and gentle. He stayed near the back, but was part of the herd. This was not the horse I would normally have chosen. However, when we pay attention, we usually find we get what we need, not what we want.”~ Elspeth Nairn, Minnesota

“I was reminded by Page, Roxanne, and Rose of the life enriching value of poetic language and visual creativity…living in the present and living life as fully as possible. What I experienced on this trip was 20 vibrant women doing just that.”~ Alice Katz, Illinois

“What diversity and kinship. Thank you, Page, for all you did; for your support, your knowledge, and you! Next to meeting my birth mother for the first time, I have to say my experience was the most life changing and I will always embrace it and cherish what it has given me.”~ Linda Browning, Colorado

“Ah, but the river memories come out of their crevices in my mind, seeping into my soul and bathing it in silty warm river water…and I am O.K.!!!!”~ Barb Bolin, Idaho

“I just want you all to know how special the trip was for me also, and how long it had been since I had been nurtured that much. My resolve is to return that aspect to my life, I have been away too long.”~ Linda Browning, Colorado

“For anyone who hasn’t experienced a retreat with Page, I encourage you to give some serious thought to this trip. Page is a master teacher, who teaches you to dig deep inside for wonderful writing, and the magical river brings relaxing peace, with plenty of time to think, and write. Plus you will meet other women from all over the country who will become your river sisters on the second out! It’s just amazing what a few days can do to change your life.”~ Phyllis Dugan, Wyoming

“As a writer, I am inspired by Page Lambert. Reading her blogs often reminds me of listening to music. Her tone and style are graceful and carry a melodic feeling. I always look forward to reading a new entry of hers in hopes of hearing a new editorial song. And, as her consulting client, her thoughtful attention to my business questions is more than helpful. In fact, with her help, I am embarking on a new direction not only in my work but in where to call “home”. A big thank you to a wonderful guide and woman.”~ Christy Heady, author, consultant, freelance journalist

“Dear Ones, I keep bumping into walls…it’s so hard to settle back in with all the river bliss still percolating through me. I came across a quote I don’t think I ever managed to give you. When Joseph Campbell was asked “What is the meaning of life?” he said, “When people say that they are looking for the meaning of life, what they are really looking for is a deep experience of it.” And, of course, I thought of what we just shared. I think of you all often and always with affection.”Ellen McLaughlin, River Odyssey 2016

“Good morning River Friends! I am heading for home today after my extended stay in Moab. Had a wonderful time hiking in Arches on Sunday then checking out petroglyphs and Dead Horse Point State Park on Monday. I so enjoyed our community on the river filled with inspiring women. Thank you all for your kindness and your strength. I will carry you–and the river–with me always. Blessings to all.”Judy, River Odyssey 2016

“I have washed away the silt, but cannot wash away the river. It is a part of me, running through me, always. I think of all of you. Thank-you for sharing this magical experience with me. Take good care.”Eileen, River Odyssey 2016

“Hello River Sisters, the river is still with me, too. What a nourishing, fun, and beautiful experience! Our group had a special chemistry. Here’s hoping our paths cross again someday. I can’t wait to go back to the river. I miss you all.”Pam, River Odyssey 2016

“Dear Ms. Lambert, I’ve been reading nature writers for most of my 93 years on the planet but the first seven paragraphs of your “Mother Tongue” essay in the current Sojourns is the most profoundly moving bit of writing I have ever read…… Thank you.”Marcel Rodriguez, Utah, 2016

“Dear Page, Huge applause to you for your inspiring women and all of us to explore the Great Outdoors. Great website. Incredible energy. Highest inspiration. You truly inspire all of us as the female Thoreau-Muir-Emerson-Stegner of the West. Write on!”Frosty Wooldridge, CO, 2016

“Page…..thank you for all the inspiring stories and helpful information you shared with us in Steamboat. People took so many different things from the day but what some writers talked about this week was using details and immersing themselves in the scene. I’m following your blog to sustain this important point. Thank you and all the best.”Barbara Sparks, Steamboat Springs Writers Conference, Colorado, 2016

“I think of you often and of our unforgettable, life-affirming, never-to-be-forgotten, other-worldly (have I forgotten anything?) time together on the river.”Penny R., California, Heroine’s Journey into the World of Story, 2014

“I just wanted to thank you for offering the seminar. It was very helpful to me and I was surprised at how interesting it was to listen to the other writings and the critique’s that followed. I found that as helpful as the critiques given to me. I want to give you a heartfelt THANKS.”Donna Victor, Colorado, Mount Vernon Writing Seminar, 2016

“As I look down on the pink, gorged waters of the Rio Grande below us, I think back on our time together on the pink water of the Colorado last year. I’m still high from it and certainly will never forget it. The trip you gave me remains one of the most unlikely and extraordinary gifts I’ve ever received in this lucky life. I hope you have had your time on the river this summer and have felt the blessing of that journey once again. I wanted to let you know that the memories of that trip are still bright for me and always will be. I hope that your work is going well and that you are happy, as you deserve, in your life. With love, Ellen McLaughlin.”Ellen McLaughlin, New York, Featured River Trip Guest, 2015

“Your workshops are immensely fulfilling and I hope you are planning future events soon. Please let me know.”Ryan, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar, 2015

“Page, since attending one of your classes in Golden and another at a ranch in Wyoming, I have published three books and have another novel in the process of publication which should come out this spring or summer. I highly recommend your classes.”Maxine Davenport, New Mexico, 2015

“Page, the seminar inspired me to work on my chapter every day this week! (That is something.) I did the exercise you suggested several times and was surprised at the new approaches that writing from the “zone” brought to the piece. Many thanks.”Pat, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar, 2015

“I miss you all and miss the silence of the canyon. The trip was healing and I actually wish I could once again swim and float along in that beautiful silty river.” ~ Liza Myers, New Mexico, A River of One’s Own, Cataract Canyon, 2014

“The trip entitled The Heroine’s Journey exceeded anything I could have planned for, but then, a heroine must give up all expectations and any sense of control, surrendering to what befalls her. She must trust her instincts and the gifts she has been given.  I’m so grateful that we embarked on our heroic journey together.  I still wake at night and listen for the river, missing it and that vast and deep (and eventful) sky we got to watch through the nights.  I will never forget the beauty and power of the river or all of your open hearts and ready laughs.  One of my favorite memories is swimming along and hearing your laughter dancing here and there, echoing up the canyon walls.  I hope you are all happily returned to your lives again, enriched by what we had the privilege to experience together.” ~ Actor and playwright Ellen McLaughlin, New York, Featured Guest, A River of One’s Own, Cataract Canyon, 2014

“Dearest, dearest, dearest Page and Ellen! What an incredible adventure we had together. I can’t thank you enough. You both were the perfect guides and mentors for me at this moment in my journey…I will TELL EVERYONE what a fabulous experience it was… I will sing your praises.  I just know that I will call on you (inwardly) in moments of frustration.  HUGE HUGS and immense gratitude. love, Liza” ~ Liza Myers, Santa Fe, NM, A River of One’s Own, Cataract Canyon 2014

“My friend Ron took a workshop from you a few years back. He was kind enough to lend me his signed copy of In Search of Kinship. I love the book–you have so many lyrical passages and wonderful stories of the land.” ~ Alice Palmer, Colorado, 2014

“I loved the format with time for questions, feedback, and writing time to integrate the feedback from our small groups and ideas you shared with the larger group. I am a Yes! for future workshops with this format and have a definite interest in a series. I look forward to working with you more in the future.” ~ Jim Abbey, Colorado, Mount Vernon seminar, 2014

“Another great workshop today.  Thanks much for all the heart you put into it.  The reading you shared was so moving I couldn’t even say anything afterward.  Look forward to a follow-up day.”~ Pat J., Colorado, Mount Vernon seminar, 2014

“I’m writing to thank you for three very special things. First, for allowing one man loose among so many talented women. Second, for giving such splendid facilitated sessions in ways that display your real talent—writing. And lastly, for packing far more into a writing program than any other director of any program I’ve ever attended. Your handouts and your focus were genuine and you managed to ‘manage’ a happy but very different bunch of people. What struck me most about the group was its diversity (except for gender, of course). Some were writers, others readers and journalists, some there for horse reasons not related to writing or reading. It was great to see that all of them were very interested in what you had to say. Their writing interests and horse experience were beneficial to me every day. I learned a lot (never too old, as they say). Perhaps the most brilliant thing you did was to add wrangler Tommie to your teaching faculty.” ~ Gary Stuart, Arizona, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2014

“Thank you everyone for one of the most special experiences in my life.  I’ve been homesick for all of you and the ranch, horses and Wyoming!  It wouldn’t have been the same without each one of you and the joy and energy you brought.  I can’t seem to find the words to thank you Page, and you Sheri, and all at the Vee Bar.  I so loved hearing people’s writings, journaling, thoughts and seeing amazing photography and artwork! Much love, hugs and gratitude.”~ Christine, Florida, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2014

“Thank you for everything.  I’m really enjoying your book, and can hear your voice as I read. Beautiful!”~ Jamie, Utah, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2014

“Still savoring the after effects of a memoir-writing workshop with Page Lamber yesterday. Small but powerful group of writers, each working, as Page says so well, to contribute to the wealth of human experience. How fortunate we are, in all our joys and sorrows, to have the power of the word to share, learn, and teach one another. Thanks, Page, for your wise and steady guidance.”~ Kathleen Cain, Colorado, Mount Vernon seminar, 2014

“I want to say thank you for yet another wonderful seminar. I find the focused writing time and fellowship with other writers quite inspiring.”~ Janet Audette, Colorado, Mount Vernon seminar, 2014

“Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your memoir seminar… you’ve inspired me to get back on track and get writing again. Your seminar and personal input has helped me figure out how to approach my memoir after shelving it for twenty-one years!”~ Martha, Colorado, Mount Vernon seminar 2014

“Thanks, Page, for a MOST wonderful writing day!  I loved every minute of it, and have much to assimilate.  So much about the day was full of synchronicities for me…”~ Paula Hagar, Colorado, Mount Vernon Seminar, 2013

“I am just putting the final edit of my novel together. I wanted you to know that your comments about the first chapter have been extremely helpful and … moving things around as you suggested show to me your great writing sense.  I trust your good instinct and experience on this. Enormously helpful, especially in doing the ‘heavy lifting’ of getting the world of the novel going in the first 40 pages or so.”~ Lucia Orth, Kansas, AROHO book consultation, 2013

“Page, on the plane for Tulsa—thanks beyond thanks for the opportunity.”~ Joy Harjo, Oklahoma, Crazy Brave River Writing Featured Guest, 2013

“Thank you SO much for your vision and all the hard work that went into creating such an amazing experience!  Every night since I’ve returned, I dream about the river …”~ Kathie Nitz, Connecticut, Crazy Brave River Writing Journey, 2013

“I just now read your e-mail about the oceans and truth and fiction.  The photo of your mother is stunning… There is nothing so powerful as a homecoming.  In less than two months my son Ben will be coming home from 27 months of Peace Corps work in Ethiopia. Thanks for being in my life.  Words truly are vehicles.”~ Darlene Mueller Morse, Colorado, 2013

“All Things Literary, All Things Natural is a very impressive website/blog.  I’ll be checking it frequently.  And please add me to your list of recipients for your bimonthly newsletter. I’ll put a copy of Holy Heathen Rhapsody in the mail to you tomorrow. Thank you for all the good work you’re doing for the community and for your writing.”~ Pattiann Rogers, poet, 2013

“This is a very powerful story, Page. After working many years in labor & delivery and helping to develop several of the tests used during pregnancy and spending a lot of time with women at the different stages of pregnancy, I compliment you on all that is contained in this story. It rises above both fiction and non-fiction entering into the universal experience of love/creation. Thank you for letting us know of the opportunity to read and experience it.”~ Kaye Roll

“Hi Page! I listened to you speak tonight at the Write Brain session – I watched from Mobile, all thanks to Delve. You were fantastic! Loved it! I’m looking forward to reading your newsletter and books. Thank you!”~ Sarah Walsh, Colorado

“Wow, Page, that is terrific! Getting published in the POST is a real accomplishment. I am checking out the story. Love ya!”~ Kat Martin, New York Times best-selling author

“Dear Page: Was crying by the time I was two-thirds through the story. Quite possibly your finest work. Astonishing.”~ Mark Stevens, Colorado

“Hi Page, Just to let you know we love your fiction piece… we plan to feature it tomorrow on Huff/Post 50. Thanks again and congrats!”~ Shelley Emling, Editor, Huffington Post 50

“I’ve enjoyed your blog for a long time and am really happy that you won the CAL award for Best Blog of the Year. Well deserved for a beautiful, ongoing piece of art.”~ Carol Greever, author of Glimpses: A Memoir in Poetry, Colorado

“I was thrilled for you when I heard your blog had won a CAL award, Page. Your blog posts are so lovely and well-thought out. I always enjoy them when I have a chance to drop by your blog for a peek. Well deserved!”~ Rosemary Carstens, Feast of Books..

“Congratulations on your award! Well-deserved. Your blog and website are world-class, as is your writing. Your kindred spirit, Dan.”~ Dan Guenther, author of Glossy Black Cockatoos, 2013

“I always love reading your newsletter!”~ Heather Nielsen, Associate Director of Education, Master Teacher, Native Arts and New World, Denver Art Museum, 2013

“I am grateful to have you as my editor, and it’s really enjoyable and easy working with you, just as I’ve heard!”~ Christie Keele, New Mexico, author of Minerva Day, 2013

“Page, I just went to your blog. Oh wow, I had tears in my eyes watching your video on your writing retreat. Beautiful. It is how I see life and all I’ve learned… though for me, it’s been through the eyes of my dogs… especially my Frankie who was in a wheelchair… and now my Joie… so your writing retreat around the horses really spoke to, and touched my heart.”~ Barbara Techel, Linked In

“Thank you! 🙂 As always I love our sessions!!! Inspiring!!!!!”~ Angela, Colorado, coaching client, 2013

“Page, I was out in nature recently… and wanted to give you my thanks! I SO LOVE that you shared about Secretariat. Your writing is always so brilliant! Literally, you have me reading every single word … though I am a writer, I don’t read nearly enough… Your spirit shines thru SO much and THAT is SUCH an inspiration… as though every time I see it, I hear “come on Sharon, you can do this!!”~ Sharon Corsaro, Facebook

“I was reading Sojourns: Journal. Memory. Land. and read your piece in the Writing Life section. “It is said that Picasso could paint a yellow spot and turn it into the sun. Our lives are worthy of such transformation.” Simply gorgeous essay, Page. A work of art. Thank you. Love, Dawn”~ Dawn Wink, New Mexico, author of Meadowlark

“Page, the work you are doing is so very beautiful. I feel so happy when I read your newsletter…the creativity, the love and inspiration that you bring to us even if we haven’t been able to participate in person. I send my love and best wishes to you during this sacred time of year.”~ Loretta Armer

“Page, this is truly a wonderful adventure—physically, mentally, spiritually. Was so great that our focus was nature, poetry, writing. In spite of sand-in-the-hair, I didn’t hear complaints! I will certainly recommend your trips to others. You may enjoy knowing that our co-rafter/writer, my traveling partner, made a number of calls in the car as we drove home, praising you and the trip to the skies, telling everyone they needed to do a river trip.”~ Carol Carder, Colorado, Cataract Canyon River Writing 2012

“Thank you, Page, for an outstanding writing and reading experience at the Vee Bar; I’m forever in love with the true grit of the Wyoming landscape!”~ Monica Devine, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2012

“My entire experience from beginning to end with you, and at the Vee Bar, was truly a time out of time, an altered space at so many levels. I am eternally grateful for the two of you (and the Vee Bar) providing the opportunity.”~ Aevea/Barb Finkelman, Boulder, Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, 2012.

“I would go again to the Vee Bar in a heartbeat. And it is not just the horses and nice people and beautiful scenery and great food: there was something extra special. Not to wax Biblical but I did feel like it restored my soul. One of my volunteers wants to go to a guest ranch out West with her adult daughter and I gave her a glowing recommendation. But it made my heart catch a bit to think my WY adventure was already over.”~ Corliss W., Simple Changes Therapeutic Riding Center, Virginia, Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, 2012

“I finished In Search of Kinship a couple weeks ago and … I think a lot now about deep/broad exploration in the landscape of self and earth and see how you have begun to create that in this book…Thanks for writing this; it informs us all of course. Each story is somehow our story. Be well and happy journeys.”~ Aevea/Barb Finkelman, Colorado, 2012

“I so very much appreciated our call; I feel so heard, seen and welcome. This project is the right thing to do and I am very grateful for having been led to you. Thank you so much for being who you are and sharing it with me.”~ AB, New York, writing client, 2012

“I had SUCH a great time — my husband hates to hear that the best vacation I’ve ever had is the one I took without him, but as far as ‘”vacating” my regular life, the retreat was awesome.”~Karen O’Connell, Colorado, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2012

“What a fantastic trip! I am sooooo happy that I went!”~ Carbery Morrow, 2012 Peru Weaving Words & Women, Maryland

“Just wanted to say how much I love your blog. It draws people very well into the beautiful natural world, and into your writing world naturally, gently, completely. For me, as a blog it is admirable ! You inspire me!”~ Penny Sidoli, 2012

“Earlier this year when friends would ask me why I wanted to go back to the Vee Bar again, I would tell them because it felt like home. I saw my father in the wranglers and ranch hands. Connor made me wonder what my dad was like when he came out to the Yampa Valley from Ohio in 1918 at the age of 20. Tommy and Brent are very much like the boys I grew up with who transitioned into experienced ranchers, men wise in the ways of horses and cattle, of the land, and the weather. I imagine Dave was like my dad in his cow punching days. Kari and Darcy are the women I wanted to be when I was growing up. I learned to ski and drive a team of horses when I was four years old. I always had bum lambs, could fix fences, milk cows, and help hay. I loved the ranch life with both domestic and wild animals, with each season bearing its own gifts, and the people who worked so hard doing what they loved, attempting to make enough money to continue with their way of life. I experienced at the Vee Bar last year the kind of life I envisioned having while growing up. The Thomas Wolfe book title states, “You Can’t Go Home Again” but last year at the Vee Bar felt very close to it and I am very sorry to miss being there this year. Thank you for your understanding and hopefully I will be able to join you next year.”~ Kaye Roll, 2012 Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, California

“I attended a wonderful luncheon lecture by the writer Page Lambert. Page is a writer of the kind I’d like to be: observant, genuinely interesting, honest, and word-wise. With a turn of phrase, she puts you at the place and in the moment. She also shared a neat secret about the Mud Woman sculpture at the Denver Art Museum, which you’ll have to go to her website to learn.”~ Kimberly MacArthur Graham, 2011, Colorado

“Belated thanks for all your great work organizing the gathering on all levels. I so enjoyed it, and of course I left my lasagna in the meeting room!”~ KV, 2011 The Yearning Factor, Colorado

“A thank you does not equate to how grateful I am for all your encouragement, insight and support this past year. I am so appreciative!”~ Christy, 2010 coaching client, South Carolina

“I have gone back to my story, with workshop techniques in mind…trying to weave my main character’s yearning throughout…checking for cinematic techniques…I’ve actually given time to it every morning, which is something I’d lost sight of. Thanks for the insights.”~ LC, 2011 The Yearning Factor, Colorado

“One fun note regarding your Autumn newsletter. When it came, I was in the middle of reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Both horses and D.H. Lawrence have been a big part of my life! Thanks for enriching my day.”~ Deborah Hart, 2011, Colorado

“The Vee Bar was a truly amazing experience and I loved everything about the trip. Thank you for pulling together such a wonderful adventure.”~ Nancy Koerbel, 2011 Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, Pennsylvania

“This past Saturday was a remarkable workshop, which inspired great conversation and interaction, and achieved the goals we had set out for our teachers. Thank you for your part in nurturing our teachers’ creativity and translating the importance of such in their classrooms. I believe we all gained so much from you and Roxanne.”~ Kristina Mahoney, 2011 Denver Art Museum, Colorado

“Again, thank YOU so much for the fabulous workshop you provided for the teachers.”~ Emilie Lewis, 2011 Denver Art Museum, Colorado

“Thank you for your encouragement and interest and for the many insightful connections you shared during our coaching sessions.”~ Nancy Koerbel, Pennsylvania, 2011

“I love the idea of drawing on the beauty of the outdoors in honing my writing skills. I never feel as alive and alert as when I do when I am able to be in a place that is beautiful. I’m going through my own career transition, and feel this course will help me focus on the next steps, while also being lots of fun. The older I get, the more I appreciate my friendships with other women, and the more I realize how extraordinary many women are. I think many women share the same obstacles and gifts, and being able to share them provides its own inspiration.” ~ Leigh Haber, Rodale Publishing (worked with Al Gore, Peter Jennings, Steve Martin, Alice Walker, etc.)

“I often think of the warm brown river; silty water soft on my skin, moon light shedding shadows across the campsite, voices undulating with laughter and tears as sharing memories brought us intimacy, learning commonality in our differences, and knowing the incredible power of written words flung into the space between us and beyond the canyon walls. Women have been, do now, but need to be more the challengers and change agents for a world such as we created on those small rafts floating down that powerful river. There is no doubt in my mind each of the river goddesses are doing it.”~ Barbara Bolin, Idaho

“Thank you for all the love and energy and expertise you put into the retreat. I loved the experience on the ranch, with the horses, and in the circle of women – wonderful! In these days following the retreat I feel re-energized around my writing. That is probably the best gift of all.”~ Pat, 2010 Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, Evergreen Colorado

“I missed you all so much the minute I got on the plane it nearly broke my heart. I’ll never forget my week at the ranch, and your kind heart that made it possible for all of us to know each other. Keep in touch when you can.”~ Cat (Catherine), 2010 horse retreat guest,
Brookline, Massachusetts

“It was wonderful getting to know you. My trip was one to remember and cherish forever. You are an amazing woman in so many ways, and it was certainly my good fortune to have had a few days with you.”~ Jenice, 2010 Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat,
Houston, Texas

“Thank you for being so dedicated to enriching people’s experience with both nature and writing! I thoroughly enjoyed that retreat and all it had to offer. I’m in a great place as I return to “the world.”~ Jenny, 2010 horse retreat guest, Boulder, Colorado

“Thank you very much for a wonderful week at the Vee Bar—meeting such creative and dynamic women, being read to, and spending time in the open air riding horses—life does not get any better than that. It was a week of inspiration—a week to be cherished.”~ Kaye Roll, 2010 & 2011 Literature & Landscape of the
Horse Retreat, CA

“We talked a bit on the river bank about internal wells, and I feel like I filled up a whole bunch of them while I was there. The nature, the horses, the discussions about writing, the actual writing, and the women – all were great. I’m still riding on the happy buzz that the retreat created (and I’m still journaling about it too).”~ Lisa, 2010 Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat, Arlington, Virginia

“My appreciation for you and the work you do is genuine. You have shared not only your gift for writing, but also your perceptions and insights. You have kept me going through this crazy last-minute project. Without your help I would have floundered long ago and talked myself out of doing it. Thank you for keeping me motivated by your encouragement and calm we can do this attitude. The THANK YOU I feel for what you have done to help me realize this dream is beyond my vocabulary.”~ Linda Sperber, 2010 editing and retreat client, Lakewood, Colorado

“Page, Thanks for your help. I believe yesterday’s meeting helped shape my future.”~ Mike C., Denver, Colorado

“I first met Page Lambert in 2003 in the middle of a long road trip. I had stopped for a break in Sundance, Wyoming, where I met her by chance and started up what turned into a delightfully long conversation. To this day I remember that when I asked her what she did for a living, she told me, “I love to help women fall in love with themselves through their own words.” And so she does. Go ahead and read her books, her blog, or better, yet, embrace one of her retreats. You’ll soon see she is an articulate, heart-felt woman who not only cares about people, but is invested in helping them see and express what is unique and worthwhile about themselves.”~ Dan Kennedy, Career and Executive Coach, Kennedy & Company

“I met Page at a workshop in New Mexico and was immediately drawn to her vivid, lyrical writing style, her generous sharing in her teaching, and her warm spirit. I signed up for her Equinox retreat the moment I heard about it. I was not disappointed. Page is the perfect combination of talented writer and sensitive, skilled teacher. I brought home new chapters of my novel, valuable tips for my writing and a promise to myself to return, which I did, working one-on-one with her for 5 days.”~ Heloise Jones, North Carolina

“I loved everything about Page’s Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat at the Vee Bar. I haven’t felt as refreshed from a trip in years — it just filled me up! It was truly was one of the top five vacations/retreats of my life!”~ Lisa Couturier, author of The Hopes of Snake and Other Tales from the Urban Landscape

“The Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat was a wonderful experience. I know it will enrich my writing, and my life. Thank you so very much!”~ Elspeth Nairn, Minnesota

“Page shared her home, her expertise, her friends and community. My week with her was incredible, in every way. I haven’t gotten into the rhythm of writing daily yet, but I learned to just keep writing – I have my voice. I learned to keep laughing. I learned not only to approach my stories from a point of gratitude, but also from a place of love.”~ Virginia Wakefield, Wyoming

“The Literature and Landscape of the Horse retreat was a turning point in my life. I would credit this year as the single biggest leap year of my life so far, although next year is looking good too. It’s like living in a dream, and I see that the retreat was the point where everything kicked into high gear. When I give inspirational presentations, I always tell the story of how I connected with my future publisher at the retreat because I want to encourage people to take time for experiences that reconnect them to their hearts.”~ Julie Pech, the Chocolate Therapist, Colorado

“Thank you for the retreat. For all of it. There was such freedom in knowing that I had days to be immersed in some aspect of writing, without worrying about meals, schedules, etc. To be able to live and breathe writing for that long was such a blessing. The retreat fulfilled all my expectations and more. I felt invigorated and inspired throughout.”~ Danielle Emond, President, Black Hills Writers, South Dakota

“I loved the trip so much the first time, I’ve signed up to go down the river again with Page the end of July! The group of women who decided to take the trip were each motivated by their own set of circumstances and desires. What I found interesting is the level of energy that the group seemed to possess once we were on the river. Also everyone’s willingness to share themselves with each other and express their desires and pain created a very supportive environment for everyone to get comfortable in. We were all river goddesses by the end of the journey. I think we all still consider ourselves in that vein and it’s been several years since the trip.”~ Becky Duncan, Maryland

“Combining the Literature and Landscape of the Horse themes was brilliant. The Vee Bar wranglers were amazing and the accommodations were excellent. The opportunity to combine horses, horseback riding and writing, the opportunity to sleep in a cabin on the river hearing the sound of the water rushing over rocks, the other wonderful participants, and the Wyoming landscape, were all very inspirational. I would love to come again.”~ Julia McSherry, Greeley/Ft. Collins

“Thank you again for such a lovely and productive retreat. You were hostess and mentor extraordinaire. I am continuing on my path of inspiration and determination These are the things I am taking home from this retreat: inspiration; extensive list of resources and great handouts; tips on how to better integrate reading, research, and disciplined writing into my life through the establishment of new patterns and daily/weekly/monthly/annual goals; a beautiful new journal; a notebook of ideas, thoughts, plans; an index of journals; a new friend. Thank you for opening your lovely home, sharing your enthusiasm and expertise, and for the pampering…you thought of every detail.”~ Julia McSherry, Colorado

“When I returned from the Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat, several friends said I was ‘glowing’ and ‘grinning from ear to ear,’ something I don’t often hear. I came away from the retreat aware of the beauty, joy, inspiration and fun. It helped me find the voice and the courage to write–and submit for publication–two essays from the heart.”~ Lyla Hamilton, Louisville, CO

“Thanks for putting together the wonderful Vee Bar adventure for all of us. I immediately printed my photos and put them in an album, covered in denim!”~ Sue, 2010 Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat, Sun Valley, Idaho

“I’m so glad I had a chance meeting with Page Lambert in Vancouver, B.C. a number of years ago and kept in touch and could finally share this experience with an amazing woman. At age 65, this Journey allowed me to be myself at any age, to get to know myself again (or maybe for the first time), and to just be – to share all this with an amazing, eclectic group of dynamic, sharing, loving women that became companions on a lifetime journey. We experienced awe, love, amazement, thankfulness, laughter (in abundance), personal growth that exceeded anything I could have imagined. We literally and figuratively climbed mountains, swam rivers, conquered fears, wrote our hearts out, and gave ourselves the best present ever. I hope this portrays the “experience” that is Page Lambert and the River Journey.”~ Pat Branch, British Columbia

“Last week was an incredible experience for me. I felt myself wrapped in butterfly’s wings. Thank all of you for being a part of it. I’m inspired. I’m excited. I’m transforming.”~ Lisa Jackson, New Hampshire

“On the boat Page helped us to shift into the “writer’s mind” by leading us in writing discussions and exercises. She made sure we had quiet time throughout the day to compose our stories into the little journals she had provided. At dusk, we gathered in a circle to talk about the day and share our writing with one another.”~ Diane Wolverton, Wyoming

“The Literature and Landscape of the Horse Retreat offered a positive experience for amateurs as well as veteran riders and writers. Our goal was to learn more about how a horse communicates with the world and develop a deeper awareness of our own modes of communicating…Time was spent journaling, sharing our writing, reading excerpts of horse literature, as well as out in the wilderness on the backs of these loving and forgiving creatures, the horses. We made new friends. We laughed much of the time.”~ Susan Stoltz, Wyoming

“The River Canyon touched my hidden spirit. It awakened my inner life….”~ LeAnn Sharp, Texas

“It was a particular pleasure to get to sit down with Page and go over the writing pieces I’d brought with me. Her editing was extremely deft, plus I appreciated how she responded to what I was expressing that came from a deeper place inside me than I’ve yet explored… but hope to. To each of us, she gave so much of herself. For that and more, I thank her. For her encouragement, and prodding, her jokes, her spirituality, sense of sisterhood, and caring. She is a star! And it was a privilege to share in this trip!”~ Camille Kurtz, Washington, D.C.

“Whereas the landscape of my own life pales in the beauty of my surroundings in the canyon, I must never fail to honor the people who add texture and beauty to the canyons of my heart where the river of life flows like the mighty Colorado – serenely and rapidly.”~ Gale Davis, Virginia


Comments from Grand Canyon South Rim Retreat 2007

“Page has an uncanny ability, a remarkable ability to convey her ideas and experience, to encourage, inspire, and make her students comfortable. Sharing my writing with her and our colleagues was easy under her tutelage.”

“Page is an absolute winner. I admire her teaching, writing, coaching. Thanks!”

“Fantastic course! Page is very engaging and well prepared. I appreciated her sharing her work.”

“I can’t compliment Page enough. She is engaging, warm, supportive. We ended up with a great group of classmates.”

“My dear, dear river soul mates, what an incredible experience. I am humbled by the power of the universe to put us all together. The experience of sharing such an incredible time with all of you is beyond words (at least my words, I’m sure Page could eloquently capture my heart felt emotions.) Love, peace and joy to everyone of you and a sincere thank you from my heart for the richness each of you brought to this extraordinary time.”~ Debbie Pendergast, Arizona

“I planned on admiring Roxanne, Rose and Page for their artistic creativity, instead I came away admiring everyone for their artistic creativity and perhaps more internally marking, their camaraderie. You all drank in my confessions as well as those of everyone else’s on the trip. You rendered good sized peeks into your lives, your concerns, or both. I came away with a sense of caring, both for and by. This experience was an incredible gift to someone who has blurted out with utter sincerity for decades “I don’t do people.”~ Corinne Cain, Arizona

“Each of you embraced me in our river circle. The ripples will continue as you made your mark on the river, and I took part of it with me. A special thank you for the gifts each one of you gave me. They are monumental in my life. Thank you.”~ Barbara Bolin, Idaho

“The river has taken hold of me as I watch it move through still canyons, forward, downward, headed towards its end when it will disappear into the sea. In the sound of the waters, I hear the river saying: Live life, while you can… don’t hold back. Seek and savor the spirit-filled places, and rejoice in the companionship and love of your fellow travelers in time.”~ Camille Kurtz, Washington D.C.

“Our river trip remains so very huge in my heart. If Touchstone Pieces are about our fondest memories, my own best memory is when we were in that wonderful, amphitheater-like canyon, and Roxanne’s daughter started to hum… “ummm ummmm”…. and several of the women started to feel it. A circle of women started to dance, and move with the sound… even those of us just watching were drawn into that circle. I can still hear Rose’s voice. The setting, the sounds, the canyon were timeless… all remain in my heart as wonderful pieces of memory. Roxanne, Rose, all of us just relaxing and enjoying the time and space. As a result of the river trip, I’ve begun a walking schedule for three times a day. My goal is to be in good shape for next August’s trip.”~ Fran Elliott, Arizona

* Many of these people have attended more than one event, so their names may appear more than once.

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