Modern Pioneering on the Western Landscape
Eric Hoffer Book Award Finalist, 2023

Page Lambert’s Wyoming Memoir, Fulcrum Publishing, Golden, Colorado
(2001, 1996; hardcover & trade paperback)

In the tradition of Terry Tempest Williams, Gretel Ehrlich, and Linda Hasselstrom. A universal story of the modern search for roots and traditions, In Search of Kinship offers a deep initiation into the process of connection to place and the resilience that rootedness offers. As she and her family face heartbreak and ultimately prevail, Lambert finds balance in the one unbending link to the future: the land itself. Emotionally powerful, lucid and insightful, In Search of Kinship is a moving portrait of our ultimate kinship with the land.

”Lambert’s deep and abiding love of the land shines in these essays, many of which are reprinted from Reader’s Digest, the Christian Science Monitor and other publications…The final essay is a hymn of praise to Wyoming.”
– Publishers Weekly
“In Search of Kinship is a book of wisdom. It reveals the intricate and powerful influence of land on human character, and suggests the importance of finding, and protecting, one’s true and special place.”
Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods
“A rare privilege to read such writing…In Search of Kinship is to be kept, treasured, and returned to, for the glints and patina reflected in it are soul-enlightening.”
Midwest Book Review, Wisconsin.
“In Search of Kinship is a book aglow with soul and heart and love and truth—and a prose that sings and dances and paints pictures and takes photographs. Kinship is a masterpiece…Yes, the book is about loss of tradition and the search for new traditions, but the quintessence of Kinship is more than that. It is a book about seeing beneath things…and that beneath everything human and earth-bound lies a network of kinships as wondrous as life itself.“
Dale Walker, Rocky Mountain News

A finalist for the Mountains and Plains Book Award for Best Novel, Shifting Stars (Forge Book, Tom Doherty Associates, New York) was selected by the Wyoming Humanities Council in the fall of 2004 as the top choice for the on-line book discussion program, “Journey through Wyoming.” The novel is available in unabridged audio, mass-market trade paperback, and hardcover.

“A powerful story…highly recommended. Lambert uses the spirit of human kinship to create an absorbing story…beautiful.”
Dee Brown, author of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
“Shifting Stars isn’t simply a novel about the forgotten heartland, it’s a delightful read that play the mellow strings of your emotions into a symphony of satisfaction.”
Kathleen O’Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear,
authors of the best-selling People series.
“Lambert has written a powerful story of the Plains Indians. She as packed it with facts about Indian life and customs and tempered it with love and family loyalty.”
Library Journal
“Lambert has given us a touching, but thrilling story of the historic West. Told with magnificent lyric prose. A novel such as this comes along all too rarely.”
Norman Zollinger, author of Meridian
“The novel Shifting Stars is written with suspense, awe, beauty and a unique story line fusing together the strong spirit of a Highlander with that of the Lakota people. The journey to the Shining Mountains and the Medicine Wheel is marvelously wrought, bringing subplots together and reminding me of the woven craft of Alessandro Manzoni’s novel, I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed).”
Richard Fleck, professor, Sierra Club Guide,
author of Henry Thoreau and John Muir
Among the Native Americans, and other works.

An exploration of the innovations and expansions that have shaped the West and the American landscape from 1800 to today, this groundbreaking book shines a light on the stories of the people and places integral to the development of our nation. From land genealogy to the politics that form when new land and cultures are discovered, this book provides an overdue and insightful overview of western American history. Offering a western perspective on the growth of America, this book (released by Fulcrum Publishing in April, 2018), is edited and co-written by Robert Baron.

The book includes a lengthy chapter on the Rural West, written by Page Lambert. A few of the other contributors include Daniel R. Wildcat writing from the Native American perspective, and Elizabeth Darby writing about the women of the West.

“There has never been a time in our history when a book such as this has been more needed.”
Dr. Joseph Bruchac, Our Stories Remembered

Langscape Magazine is an extension of the voice of Terralingua. It supports their mission by educating minds and hearts about the importance and value of biocultural diversity. Langscape aims to illustrate biocultural diversity through scientific and traditional knowledge, within an appealing sensory context of articles, stories and art.

“Page Lambert and her family have been listening to the language of the land for decades on their beloved ranch in rural Wyoming. But someone else isn’t listening: the Wyoming Department of Transportation, which wants to realign a highway right through the ranch. As worldviews clash, Page sees the heart of the ranch (and her own) sliced open by an “eminent domain fissure.”  Yet she finds comfort and resilience in the long view: the land, she muses, will endure far beyond the scars left behind by human action.”

The Peaks, Plateaus & Canyons Association (PPCA) celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service in this centennial issue. The editors reached out to Page Lambert and asked her to craft an essay. “Mother Tongue, Heartbeat of the Land” was the result.

“I’ve been reading nature writers for most of my 93 years on the planet but the first seven paragraphs of your Mother Tongue essay in the current Sojourns is the most profoundly moving bit of writing I have ever read……”
Marcel Rodriguez, Utah.
“These are novel chapters and rich in detail, fascinating elements of story. The language is lush enough at the beginning to propel a reader to continue. It is a strangely multicultural mix of interesting language, breath, and an understanding of what a story needs to be, complete with image, feeling, and organized labor. The small section here makes a reader want the entire book.”
Linda Hogan (Chickasaw) author of poetry, fiction, and essays
Santa Fe Literary Review 2008
Wyoming Fence Lines
In the Shadow of the Bear Lodge: Writings from the Black Hills

Contained in this volume is a rich and full-bodied collection of writing by members of the Bearlodge Writers, Wyoming’s longest standing writing group. Edited by Pat Frolander; Many Kites Press; 2006. Cover illustration by artist Sarah Rogers. Includes the essay, “Silk Shoes and Chinese Amahs” by Page Lambert.

Open Windows 2006: An Anthology of Poetry, Fiction & Creative Nonfiction

Showcases the best entries from a writing contest judged in three different categories, as well as selected pieces. Edited by Sonya Unrein. Ghost Road Press, 2007. Contributors include Aaron Abeyta, Laurie Wagner Buyer, Michael J. Henry, and Page Lambert’s winning entry, “After the Blizzard, Visiting the Ranch.”

Crazy Woman Creek: Women Rewrite the American West
Heart Shots: Women Write about Hunting
Deep West: A Literary Tour of Wyoming
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Tumblewords: Writers Reading the West (Western Literature Series)

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