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Featured Mount Vernon Workshop

And Uncover the Pulsing Heart of Your Story

A One-day Luncheon Seminar with Page Lambert
Saturday, November 10, 2018 8:30 to 4:00

This one-day luncheon seminar
is designed to help you find the spine of
your work-in-progress and to flesh out its heart and soul. The entire day will be devoted to reading, listening, and discussing each other's work!

To flesh out means to add substance...
To strengthen the connective tissue…
To add contextual backdrop…
To embody the characters…
To bring the setting alive…
To expand the storyline…

And more!

Please Bring:
5 to 6 pages of writing, creative nonfiction or fiction

Page will guide the discussion with an eye toward missing body parts!
(skeletons are a bit gruesome)

WHEN: Saturday, November 10, 2018, 8:30 – 4:00
WHERE: Mount Vernon Canyon Club, Golden, CO (25 minutes from downtown Denver)
COST: $105 (register by 10/29/18); $120 late registration (after 10/29/18)
INCLUDES: Seminar includes continental breakfast, catered luncheon, beverages.
Questions? 303.842.7360 or

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Writing Workshops

Page has been teaching writing workshops for 18 years, in over 200 venues in the U.S. and British Columbia. She often teaches “across genre” because, whether she’s talking about narrative nonfiction, memoir, or fiction, she believes that all good writing starts at the emotional root of the human experience. The content of her workshops can be customized to fit most audiences, but here are a few of her favorite topics (some based on articles she has written for The Writer Magazine, Sojourns, Wyo-Writer, and Roundup):


Page’s speaking style is intimate – an emotionally “up close” experience with the audience. Whether speaking about the 12-month trip around the world she took as a teenager, rearing her son and daughter on a small ranch in Wyoming, how her father gave birth to the financial planning industry, the month she spent alone in a remote mountain cabin, or floating down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, she will invite you inside both her joy and sorrow. Here are a few of her favorite speaking topics:


Small Business Consulting

The Sherpa guides in the Himalayas know that a mountain is climbed one small step at a time. Our dreams, too, can be reached, one attainable goal at a time. The “big picture” is the horizon. What we do each hour, each day, marks our journey toward that horizon. Page will listen to your goals, ask questions about current partnerships, current ways of doing business, and the challenges you face.

  • What are your short term goals? Do they align with your mission statement, with the vision you have of your company a year from now?
  • Two years from now? Five years from now? Ten years from now?
  • What expectations are you hanging onto that no longer serve the strides you hope to make in the future?
  • How can you create new goals which are in harmony with where you would like to be?
  • Do the people with whom you currently have partnerships share your same visions of how you would like the world to be?
  • How can you remove old boundaries and create new strategies?
Competition based on the outdated paradigm of fear and lack will not move us personally nor collectively into a fiscally sounder and emotionally saner world.
  • With whom might you begin to form new relationships, new collaborative enterprises, more in keeping with these visions?
  • Are you reaching out to like-minded business men and women, sharing resources, ideas, and connections
  • Are you bringing abundance into your organization by sharing your insight and experience?
  • Are you using Whole System thinking?
  • Who are the creative thinkers in your business?

Career Consulting for Writers

Please see the Writing Services page for coaching and career services for writers.

Past Presentations, Keynotes and workshops include:

Fishtrap: Writing & the West, Wallowa, OR; Women Writing the West, Golden, CO; Platinum Expression, Carbondale, CO; Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO; Stories On Stage, Denver, CO (work performed); A Room of Her Own Foundation, Ghost Ranch, NM; Women Writing the West, Albuquerque, NM; Denver Woman’s Press Club, Denver, CO; American Indian Higher Education Consortium, San Diego, CA; Arapahoe Community College, Littleton, CO; Risk Taking, Fire within Dangerous Minds Conference, Regis University, Denver, Colorado; Feminist Luncheons, Denver, CO; Women & the Environment, Santa Fe, NM; River Writing, Aspen Summer Words, Aspen, CO; Writing from the Imaginative Storm, Taos Writing Salon, NM; Walking Words, Telluride, CO; “Writing along the Rim” 3-day retreat, Grand Canyon, AZ; Women Writing West, CU Denver; Pikes Peak Writers Conference, Colorado Springs, CO; Writing from the River’s Edge, Green River, UT; Quivira Coalition, Albuquerque, NM; Fall Equinox Writing Retreat, Mt. Vernon, CO; Writing the West Conference, Western State College, Gunnison, CO; Women’s Studies Program, UW Faculty Club, Seattle, WA; Ozark Creative Writers Conference, Eureka Springs, Arkansas; Governor’s Arts Award Banquet, Cheyenne, Wyoming; Adventure Writing Symposium, Cheyenne, Wyoming; Western Writers of America, WY; Rocky Mountain Book Festival, Denver, Colorado; Writer’s in the Sky, Telluride, Colorado; Smithers Arts Council, Smithers, British Columbia; Northwest Book Fest Seattle, Washington; Mountains and Plains Booksellers Conference, Denver, Colorado; Black Hills State University, Spearfish, South Dakota; Northern Arizona University, Museum of Northern Arizona, the Arboretum, Flagstaff, Arizona; the Phoenix Women’s Expo, Phoenix, Arizona; The Reader’s Festival, South Mesa State College, Grand Junction, Colorado.