River Writing & StoneSinging
with guest musician Consuelo Luz

Create Yourself Anew!

“Everything began when the first woman sang,” Consuelo serenades us,
“Humming and singing we shape the world…”

Our body’s natural frequency is not the frequency of cell phones or microwaves. Our natural harmony is like water flowing over river stones, or like morning sun warming canyon walls. When we speak, or sing, or read our stories aloud, the world around us resonates with the vibration of our voices. We are Nature’s breath.

Page Lambert invites you to rediscover your own joyful rhythms during this 5-day, women-only river trip in Utah's beautiful Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River. Page’s featured guest is world-renowned singer/songwriter, recording artist and performer, Consuelo Luz. Raised in Greece, the Philippines, Spain, Italy and Peru by her Chilean/Cuban parents, Consuelo brings a beautiful sensuality and cultural richness and diversity to everything she does.

“I first met Consuelo a few years ago in Santa Fe,” Page writes, “when we were both presenters at a woman’s conference during which we wrote corridos, short playful poetic ballads. Over the lunch hour, Consuelo put our words to music—creating individual songs for each of us. I was enthralled with how she could transform even the simplest of lyrics and immediately asked her if she’d be my special guest on the river. You’ll love her!”

This special trip explores the joy of music and the power of voice—in writing, speaking, singing, laughing, breathing — even the vibration of our voices hidden in river stones. All levels of writing and musical experience welcome. FLYER

Page admits she has no musical background but has great hopes that Cosuelo’s music will lure into the open some hidden talent!

About Consuelo Luz World-renowned singer/songwriter, recording artist and performer, Consuelo is on a journey to discover the nature of breath, voice and the sounds we utter and how they affect us spiritually and physically. “By expressing the heart through song, weaving words into music and using the voice consciously, we can balance our energies, find joy and healing, connect deeply to nature and each other, and transform the world.” Consuelo’s music is featured on international compilations such as Putumayo and Buddha Bar. www.consueloluz.com.


How Do We Spend Our Days?

Enjoy 5 days/ 4 nights on the famous Colorado River through a canyon deemed a favorite of National Geographic. The trip is led by the West’s premier outfitter Sheri Griffith Expeditions out of Moab Utah. All the comforts are included and the Sheri Griffith Expeditions women guides are some of the best in the world: fun, talented, professional and inspiring. Spectacular scenery, a musical writing adventure, and playful whitewater in warm and sunny southern Utah. Isolated from modern civilization, the red cliff walls tower 2000 feet overhead, touching that flawless western blue sky.

Here the famous Colorado River flows freely, undammed and untamed. The first three days are spent floating on calm water, giving us time to explore the natural creative rhythm of writing and music. Free-flowing facilitation occurs throughout the trip as the rafts float between canyon walls, as we stop and hike to scenic lookouts and through secret canyons, and in the evenings and mornings while we relax at camp and enjoy the natural beauty and rhythm of the canyon. As we approach the rapids we'll be eager for some whitewater adventure. Campsites on beautiful beaches along the riverbank are remote so we carry with us all the comforts we'll need for our stay in the natural world. Every camp is pristine with only a few footprints of birds, animals or other travelers who pass this way.

Invite a friend! No previous writing, singing, or rafting experience required.


For more trip details:

Phone Sheri Griffith Expeditions (800) 332-2439,
or go to http://www.griffithexp.com/trips/women-only-colorado-river-5days.htm
or email info@griffithexp.com
Want to talk with Page in person?  Phone (303) 842-7360.



10% discount if you've
rafted with SGRE before.

Visit Consuelo's web site!

The 2008, 2009, and 2010 sculpting and writing trips sold out quickly, so send your deposit to Page soon!

“Last night I spent more time reading Writing Down the River and reveled all over again in our own amazing experience. The spiritual connection with the river and the natural world resonates with me. I was especially touched by your work—the intimate and personal as well as the story of your experience in Lava Falls.” – Lorraine, 2009 trip (she was celebrating her 80th!)

I had a wonderful time on the trip. I haven't stopped thinking about the canyon walls, the river, bathing in the river and feeling the mud on the banks between my toes. Thank you for making the trip possible. Eliana, 2009 trip


When: August 23, 2011

Where: Westwater Canyon, Colorado River, Utah

How long: Five days, four nights


  • Arrival Day: River orientation is held at 5:00 PM the evening before departure at the SGE office. The creative adventure begins with a “no-host” dinner with Page and Consuelo (place TBD).
  • DAY 1: We drive to the river, load gear on the rafts and head downstream, inflatable kayaks optional fun! Guides prepare a fresh buffet lunch. Camp is on a remote beach with more time
    to reflect, journal, and participate as Page and Consuelo lead creative sessions. The guides prepare a hearty balanced dinner.
  • DAYS 2 & 3: We have a “layover” camp where we stay in the same camp for 2 nights. There’ll be ample time for journaling, resting, hiking, swimming, sharing in group sessions, options
    for one-on-one sessions with Page, then dinner under the stars sharing stories and music.
  • DAY 4: After a hearty breakfast, the guides take time to teach us how to enjoy the big rapids safely. Then we push-off and the excitement begins. The focus is on the incredible rapids
    we’ve heard so much about, but after navigating the rapids, we pull off to camp with time to share, rest, and enjoy the evening.
  • Day 5: More music and writing led by Page and Consuelo, then more beautiful desert scenery and the final rapids. We anticipate time to sing and write our memories before we head back to Moab. We will return to the SGE office between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM.

*Note: The joy of being on the river is that each day
unfolds organically. This is a sample itinerary and may
change due to weather, water level, camp availability, and unexpected opportunities for fun!

What's Included:

  • Optional one-on-one consultations with Page
  • Five unique musical days with Consuelo
  • Time for writing, rafting, hiking, personal time, group facilitation, and fun!
  • Enough civilization to be comfortable in nature
  • Professional women guides on every raft
  • Tents, sleeping bags, pads, and writing journals
  • All meals prepared for you ~ fresh and healthy

Cost: $1,430 plus tax and gratuity (10% discount if you are a repeat client of SGRE)

Deposit: $300 deposit needed to hold your space (mail to Page Lambert, 26037 Mountain View Road, Golden, CO 80401). The 2008 and 2009 trip sold out early!

Leaders: Page Lambert, creative facilitator, and SGE’s amazing women river guides. Consuelo Luz is the featured guest artist.

Outfitter: The West's premier leader of outdoor adventures, Sheri Griffith Expeditions Winner! Best of 2008 by the State of Utah.

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