2 Literature and Landscape of the Horse Retreat
Literature & Landscape of the Horse
Featuring co-facilitator Sheri Griffith


Wyoming …
the perfect place to ride, write,
reflect and renew!

A unique adventure for anyone who yearns for nature, longs to reconnect with horses, and hungers for creative inspiration in an authentic western ranch setting.

Offering Two 6-day Retreats

Alumni Week #1: May 26—May 31, 2018
Regular Week #2: June 4—June 9, 2018

Horses have been studying humans from across the safety of a river, or from the overlook of a high ridge, for thousands of years. The oldest archeological evidence links horses and humans as far back as 400,000 to 600,000 years ago—not as companions, but as prey and predator. We may never know when the first horse and human ever looked into each other’s eyes with a mutual respect and fascination, yet horses have been part of the human heart since time immemorial. They have been our faithful friends—carrying us from the wind-swept steppes of Mongolia to the tall grass prairies of America.

Life looks different through the eyes of a horse!

But what is it like to view the world through the eyes of the horse? Can they really help us remember how to be present to our own joy? To remember a deeper wisdom? To recognize ourselves as heroes on a symbolic journey? With stories worth telling? What can “Natural Horsemanship” teach us about “Writing What the Body Knows” instead of relying only on the intellect?

Participants come from as far away as Alaska and New York.
Join us! $400 holds your horse!

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"I loved everything about Page's Literature & Landscape of the Horse retreat at the Vee Bar.  I haven't felt as refreshed from a trip in years -- it just filled me up!  It was truly was one of the top five vacations/retreats of my life!"~ Lisa Couturier, author of The Hopes of Snake and Other Tales from the Urban Landscape

Why the Vee Bar Guest Ranch?

Vee Bar Guest Ranch
The beautiful Vee Bar Guest Ranch near Laramie, Wyoming

This 100-year-old landmark, nestled in the Centennial Valley, resting in the shadows of the Snowy Range Mountains and below the Medicine Bow National Forest, is breathtaking. But that’s not why. Kari and Brent Kilmer, and their dedicated staff, are why. Kari and Brent, co-owners and managers, are ranch-raised Wyoming natives, graduates of the University of Wyoming, and as real as you can get. You won’t find two people any finer, nor any more willing to say “yes” to my crazy ideas of how to make this your best retreat ever. Guaranteed, you will love the Vee Bar! This will be the 10th year Sheri and I have returned to the beautiful Vee Bar Guest Ranch.

For 6 days, we will write about, read about, and be about horses!

Don't worry if you've never ridden a mile, or written a word.
All you need to bring to Wyoming is a willingness
to open your creative heart to the landscape of the horse.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Website: Lit and Land Retreat at VeeBar.com
Email: veebar@veebar.com
Phone: (800) 483-3227

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“Another post-Vee Bar week is wrapping up. What a great time that was—it meant more to me than I could’ve ever hoped for. You have such a gift – both you and Sheri. I wish I could bottle you both up for those days when I need the quiet, softness and grounding that you help people connect with.”
~ Sarah Ray, North Carolina, Literature & Landscape of the Horse, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

“Thank you everyone for one of the most special experiences in my life. I've been homesick for all of you and the ranch, horses and Wyoming! It wouldn't have been the same without each one of you and the joy and energy you brought. I can't seem to find the words to thank you Page, and you Sheri, and all at the Vee Bar. I so loved hearing people's writings, journaling, thoughts and seeing amazing photography and artwork! Much love, hugs and gratitude.”
~ Christine, Florida, Literature &
Landscape of the Horse, 2014 and 2015

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6-day Retreat Information

When: Week #1, (Alumni) Saturday, May 26 to Thursday, May 31, 2018

Week #2 (Regular) Monday, June 4 to Saturday, June 9, 2018

Where: The beautiful Vee Bar Guest Ranch, located near Laramie, Wyoming, only 2½ hours from Denver, Colorado. On the National Register of Historic Places, the Vee Bar, with its preserved western heritage and world-renowned outdoor adventures, is one of the Rocky Mountain West’s premier guest ranches. In this rustic setting of mountains, meadows and rivers, award-winning author and writing consultant Page Lambert and equestrian Sheri Griffith lead an extraordinary five-day equine adventure.

What's Included: Shared accommodations in cozy cabins and spacious riverside suites (register early and choose where you want to be); luscious and abundant meals in the main lodge; happy horses and really helpful wranglers; fully-stocked John Wayne Saloon and completely wet hot tub under the stars; creative facilitation by Page (horse stories, how-to stuff, inspiration, and more); equestrian facilitation by Sheri Griffith and the Vee Bar staff, the best-ever Wyoming ranch-raised owners and managers, Kari and Brent Kilmer; and your own special horse for all 6 days.

Price: $1,725.00 plus tax and service charge
$100 discount if you’ve attended a previous retreat. Invite a friend!

Payment & Cancellation Policy:
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Deposit: To reserve your space, either send a $400.00 deposit via personal check to Page Lambert, 26037 Mountain View Road, Golden, Colorado 80401, or pay online via PayPal. PayPal securely processes payments for Page Lambert’s retreats, workshops, and writing services.

Questions? Phone Page (303) 842-7360 or email page@pagelambert.com

Leaders: Page Lambert designed and teaches “The Writing Life: Concepts, Practices, and Professionalism,” a graduate course for the University of Denver/University College’s creative writing program. Lambert is the author of the memoir In Search of Kinship (a Rocky Mountain bestseller), and the novel Shifting Stars (a Mountains and Plains Book Award finalist).  An excerpt from her novel-in-progress All the Water Yet to Come received the 2015 Writers Studio Festival First Place Award for fiction. Featured in The Denver Post (September 2015), and on the cover of The Bloomsbury Review (July 2013), Lambert received the “Wise Woman Fellowship Award” from A Room of Her Own Foundation in 2013. That same year, her popular blog All Things Literary/All Things Natural received the Colorado Authors’ League “Best Blog of the Year Award.” Lambert’s writing is widely anthologized, appearing in dozens of collections. Her most recent essay, “Mother Tongue,” is featured in the 2016, 100-year National Park anniversary issue of Sojourns: Landscapes for the People.  Her short story “The Widow of Loreto” appeared in Huffington Post and her most recent poetry appears in the 2016 Santa Fe Literary Review.  A writing coach and leader of creative adventures for 20 years, often working with organizations such as True Nature Journeys, the Grand Canyon Field Institute, and the Aspen Writers’ Foundation, Page’s “River Writing Journeys for Women” were hailed by Oprah's O magazine in 2006 as “One of six great all-girl getaways of the year.”  She’ll be co-leading the 10th annual “Literature & Landscape of the Horse Retreat” in 2017, the 20th annual “River Writing Journey for Women” in 2017, and the 5th “Peru: Weaving Words & Women Retreat” in 2018.

Legendary adventurer, Sheri Griffith, and her company Sheri Griffith Expeditions, have taken people down some of the wildest rivers in the U.S. including the mighty Colorado. Travelers have hopped on a raft with her from Costa Rica to Nepal. She has been featured in magazines like Outside, Shape, and National Geographic Traveler. Ever searching for the premier adventure, she always comes home to her horses, falling in love with them as a young girl. For ten years she competed in Endurance Racing, logging in more than 7,000 competitive miles. Studying under “Natural Horsemanship” trainers like Buck Brannaman and Clinton Anderson, she is taking the horse relationship to new levels. Sheri attended the “Road to the Horse 2015” international competition this March, attending presentations by some of the world’s top equine clinicians. Sheri co-founded the La Sal Creek Ranch, a horse retirement ranch located near Paradox, Colorado, and is also co-founder and ride manager for the Moab www.moabendurance.com. Read Page’s interview with Sheri.

Note from Sheri: Some people call quiet horse trainers “Horse Whisperers,” based on the book by Nick Evans and the Robert Redford movie of the same name.  It’s really about the powers of observation, like writing.  Horses have their own strong feelings, their own body language (since they have no words) and the sensitive horseman reads their ways and feelings, creating a partnership that is enjoyable, rewarding and connected.  I call it the ‘soft connection.’  This year I’ve traveled around the U.S., studying and observing the best natural horsemen/women I could find.  Never enough time, I’m not done searching them out yet, but l have some great stories and ‘natural techniques’ to share at the Vee Bar.  We’ll work with the horses one-on-one, on the ground and on their backs. We’ll start on the basics of the human/horse connection. I look forward to an incredible Retreat and some rewarding horse partners.